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Lion Womxn ()

Produced by

The Amy Project

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Creator: Nevada-Jane Arlow and Clara Carreon and Olivia Costes and Gabi M Fay and Carvela Lee and Megan Legesse and Laya Mendizabal and Morgan and Whitney-Nicole Peterkin and Rofiat Olusanya and Aaliyah Wooter and Fio Yang
Directors: Julia Hune-Brown and Nikki Shaffeeullah


The Theatre Centre – BMO Incubator


August 10th, 2018 – August 13th, 2018


Created by the young women and non-binary youth artists of The AMY Project’s 2018 Theatre Program, this show explores themes of empowerment, resilience, self and community care, and the relationships with the mothers, grandmothers, and lion women in our lives. (


Nevada-Jane Arlow Performer
Clara Carreon Performer
Olivia Costes Performer
Gabi M Fay Performer
Carvela Lee Performer
Megan Legesse Performer
Laya Mendizabal Performer
Morgan Performer
Whitney-Nicole Peterkin Performer
Rofiat Olusanya Performer
Aaliyah Wooter Performer
Fio Yang Performer

Creative Team

Nevada-Jane Arlow Creator
Clara Carreon Creator
Olivia Costes Creator
Gabi M Fay Creator
Carvela Lee Creator
Megan Legesse Creator
Laya Mendizabal Creator
Morgan Creator
Whitney-Nicole Peterkin Creator
Rofiat Olusanya Creator
Aaliyah Wooter Creator
Fio Yang Creator
Julia Hune-Brown Director
Nikki Shaffeeullah Director
Bessie Cheng Assistant Director
Julia Vodarek Hunter Assistant Director
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell Projection Designer
Senjuti Aurora Sarker Lighting Designer
Chris Faris Costume Designer
Ashley Riley Design Associate
Fio Yang Music Director
Jasmine Shaffeeullah Choreographer
Sasha Tate-Howarth Sound Designer


Julia Vodarek Hunter Stage Manager
Sasha Tate-Howarth Production Manager
Bessie Cheng Script Coordinator
Morgan Youth Liason
Whitney-Nicole Peterkin Youth Liason
Rofiat Olusanya Youth Liason
Nicole Eun-Ju Bell Production Assistant
Zeynab Egbeyemi Style Consultant
Lynn Chen Costume Assistant
Karis Jones-Pard Costume Assistant
Aileen Liu Costume Assistant
Chris Belc Mask Painter
Megan Legesse Dance Captain
Gabi M Fay Dance Captain
Rachel Penny Producer
Amy Nostbakken Physical Theatre Guest Artist
Saba Akhtar Physical Theatre Guest Artist Assistant
Najla Nubyanluv Stortelling / Performance Creation Guest Artist
Kritty Uranowski Songwriting Guest Artist
Cole Alvis Mentor
Sehar Bhojani Mentor
Neema Bickersteth Mentor
Marjorie Chan Mentor
Fiona Ray Clark Mentor
Miriam Fernandes Mentor
Sedina Fiati Mentor
Virgilia Griffith Mentor
Nicole Hamilton Mentor
Sarah Kitz Mentor
Kama La Mackerel Mentor
Najla Nubyanluv Mentor
Rosamund Small Mentor
Gein Wong Mentor
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Design Mentor
Ange Loft Costume Design Mentor
Sonja Rainey Projection Design Mentor
Debashis Sinha Sound Design Mentor
Alice Cheng Participant
Ezra Seaborn Participant


JP Faienza Venue Technician
Alanna McConnell Venue Technician
John Cabanela Venue Technician
Cameron Davis Festival Lighting Designer