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Akiva Romer-Segal

Costume Designer, Designer, Graphic Designer, Lyricist, Music, Painter, Producer, Research, Set Designer, Web Designer, Writer

Associate Producer

The Subway Songs () Associate Producer

Costume Designer

Cowboy Mouth () Costume Designer
Ally & Kev () Costume Designer
Fear & Misery of the Third Reich () Costume Designer
Marla's Party () Costume Designer
Crush () Costume Designer

Design Assistant

Death of a Chief () Design Assistant


The Subway Songs () Designer
Trout Stanley () Production Designer

Graphic Designer

Romeo & Juliet Chainsaw Massacre () Graphic Designer
Obeah Opera () Print Design
HONK, If You Can Hear Me! () Graphic Designer
Even Better Living () Postcard and Publicity Materials


Rumspringa Break! () Lyrics
Bremen Rock City () Lyrics


Bremen Rock City () Music


Assassins () Set Painting
Assassins () Set Painting

Poster Design

Boy Falls From The Sky: Jake Epstein Live at Supermarket () Poster Design


Death of a Chief () Research

Scenic Designer

The Private Life of the Master Race () Scenographer

Set Designer

Cowboy Mouth () Set Designer
Ally & Kev () Set Designer
Yellow Face () Set Designer
Fear & Misery of the Third Reich () Set Designer
Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid () Set Designer
Marla's Party () Set Designer
Crush () Set Designer
The Lover () Set Designer
Collected Stories () Set Designer

Web Designer

Marla's Party () Website Designer


The Subway Songs () Writer