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Obeah Opera ()

Produced by

b current and Nightwood Theatre

Presented by

PANAMANIA and Culchahworks Arts Collective

Creator: Nicole Brooks
Composer: Nicole Brooks
Director: Lezlie Wade


The Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


August 4-5, 2015


August 4th, 2015 – August 8th, 2015


Obeah Opera is a hand clapping, foot-stomping, spirit-lifting, musical sensation. Steeped in black music and sung entirely a cappella by a powerful all-female cast, Obeah Operais a retelling of the legendary Salem witch trials from the fascinating perspective of Caribbean slave women. (


Nicole Brooks Tituba
Divine Brown Mary Black
Karen Burthwright Candy
Diana Coatsworth Captain / Doctor
Saphire Demitro Auctioneer / Shapeshifter
Deidrey Francois Sarah
Nickeshia Garrick Shapeshifter
Sarah Gibbons Abigail Williams
Janet MacEwen Rev Samuel Parris
Debbie Nicholls-Skerrit Shapeshifter
Melissa Noventa Mercy / Shapeshifter
Naomi Peltz Puritan
Dana Jean Phoenix Betty Parris
Sabryn Rock Elizabeth Eldridge
Singing Sandra The Elder

Creative Team

Nicole Brooks Creator
Nicole Brooks Composer / Librettist
Lezlie Wade Director
Andrew Craig Musical Director
Anthony “Prime” Guerra Choreographer
Graham Clarke Sound Designer
Robin Fisher Set Designer
Robin Fisher Costume Designer
Bonnie Beecher Lighting Designer
Devin Herbert Assistant Director
Nic Vincent Assistant Lighting Designer
Jacob Beecher Assistant Lighting Designer


Anthony “Prime” Guerra Cultural Consultant
Kathleen Harrison Stage Manager
Ashley Westlake Assistant Stage Manager
Janet Pym Wardrobe Assistant
Rebecca Zimmerman Wardrobe Assistant
Ina Kerklaan Belts
Karen Rodd Veils
Dan Gallo Production Liason
Dianne Weinrib Publicist
Josh Dumont Publicist
Akiva Romer-Segal Print Design
Nicole Brooks Executive Producer
Marinda de Beer Associate Producer (Creative)
Paul Shaw Associate Producer (Technical)
Derrick Chua Producer