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Dan Gallo

Carpenter, Crew, Front of House Manager, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Production Assistant, Production Manager, Production Supervisor, Sound Designer, Technical Director, Tour Manager, Venue Technician

Assistant Technical Director

Scratch () Assistant Technical Director
Beyond Mozambique () Assistant Technical Director
Essay () Assistant Technical Director
The Russian Play () Assistant Technical Director
Age of Arousal () Assistant Technical Director

Carpentry Crew

Scorched () Carpentry Crew
Alias Godot () Carpentry Crew
The Fall () Carpentry Crew
Democracy () Carpentry Crew


Infinity () Set & Lighting Crew
The De Chardin Project () Crew
Sia () Crew
Zadie's Shoes () Crew
Jake's Gift () Load In and Lighting Crew
Night () Load-in and Lighting Crew
Still Here () Load In and Lighting Crew

Front of House Manager

A Midsummer Night's Dream () Front of House Manager

House Technician

Toronto The Good () House Technician
Beyond Mozambique () House Technician

Lighting Crew

Lungs () Lighting Crew
Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Lighting Crew
Scorched () Lighting Crew
Alias Godot () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

The Tempest () Lighting Designer
The Odyssey () Lighting Designer
Twelfth Night () Lighting Designer

Production Assistant

Obeah Opera () Production Liason

Production Manager

Driving Miss Daisy () Production Manager
The Tempest () Production Manager
The Odyssey () Production Manager
A Midsummer Night's Dream () Production Manager

Production Supervisor

Ordinary Days () Production Supervisor
I Love You Because () Production Supervisor

Sound Designer

The Tempest () Sound Designer

Technical Director

The Tempest () Technical Director
The Odyssey () Technical Director
Twelfth Night () Technical Director
Fear of Flight () Technical Director - Mainspace Theatre
Missing () Technical Director - Mainstage Theatre
Toronto The Good () Technical Director

Tour Manager

A Midsummer Night's Dream () Tour Manager

Venue Technician

Life After () Venue Technician
Best Picture () Venue Technician
Happiness™ () Venue Technician
Searching for Party () Venue Technician
Scenes from Plays I Never Wrote () Venue Technician
Goodbye to All That () Venue Technician
Cowboy Mouth () Venue Technician
Angels & Aliens () Venue Technician
How May I Mate You? () Venue Technician
Far Away () Venue Technician
Take It Back () Venue Technician
L'Ange Avec Les Fleurs () Venue Technician
Scratch () House Technician
A Nanking Winter () Venue Technician