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Cowboy Mouth ()

Produced by


Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwrights: Sam Shepard and Patti Smith
Director: Maria Wodzinska


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


June 30th, 2016 – July 10th, 2016


It’s 1971 at some crazy hotel in some crazy place. Could be some bordertown motel near El Paso, could be the infamous Chelsea Hotel, New York, New York. Slim and Cavale will rip your heart out and take you higher than all revelations with a hot and sizzling surrealist love story. (


Matthew Krist Slim
Emily Dickinson Cavale
Bobby Del Rio Lobster Man

Creative Team

Sam Shepard Playwright
Patti Smith Playwright
Maria Wodzinska Director
Maria Wodzinska Designer
Stephanie Williams Assistant Director
Helen Monroe Dramaturgical Consultant


Stephanie Williams Stage Manager
Patrick Dickinson Photography
Meaghan Harris Graphic Designer


David Fisher Venue Technician
Dan Gallo Venue Technician
David Fisher Festival Lighting Designer