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Photo Credit: Amanda Lynne Ballard

David Fisher

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Mainspace Technician, Performer, Set Builder, Sound Designer, Sound Technician, Technical Director, Technician, Venue Technician


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Theatre, Toronto Metropolitan University

Associate Technical Director

Head à Tête () Associate Technical Director

Carpentry Crew

Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Load In Crew


The Year of the Cello () Crew
Box 4901 () Technical & Paint Crew
Shove It Down My Throat () Crew
Sound of the Beast () Crew
Peace River Country () Set & Lighting Crew
Elle () Crew
Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () Crew
R-E-B-E-C-C-A () Crew
The God that Comes () Crew
Beatrice & Virgil () Crew
Zadie's Shoes () Crew
Jake's Gift () Load In and Lighting Crew
Night () Load-in and Lighting Crew
Still Here () Load In and Lighting Crew
Morro and Jasp Gone Wild () Crew
Brothel #9 () Set & Lighting Crew
Binti's Journey () Production Crew
Featuring Loretta () Load-in and Light Crew
Birnam Wood () Technical Crew

Festival Lighting Designer

Transit () Festival Lighting Designer
Good Old Days () Festival Lighting Designer
Hermaphroditus () Festival Lighting Designer
Thistle Gardens () Festival Lighting Designer
Ms. Titaverse () Festival Lighting Designer
The Woman Who Ate Falafel () Festival Lighting Designer
The Parliament of Poets () Festival Lighting Designer
June () Festival Lighting Designer
Paradise Lost () Festival Lighting Designer
Follow Me () Festival Lighting Designer
The Two of Us () Festival Lighting Designer
Restless Spirit () Festival Lighting Designer
The Joy of Sax () Festival Lighting Designer
Six Stories, Told at Night () Festival Lighting Designer
Women of the Fur Trade () Festival Lighting Designer
Jimmy Hogg: A Brief History Of Petty Crime () Festival Lighting Designer
AWKWARD HUG () Festival Lighting Designer
Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal () Festival Lighting Designer
Open Rescue: The Play () Festival Lighting Designer
Contagious () Festival Lighting Designer
You Are Perfect () Festival Lighting Designer
Grey () Festival Lighting Designer
Pillow Talk () Festival Lighting Designer
The Seat Next to the King () Festival Lighting Designer
Brain Storm () Festival Lighting Designer
High Park Noir () Festival Lighting Designer
Life After () Festival Lighting Designer
Best Picture () Festival Lighting Designer
Happiness™ () Festival Lighting Designer
Searching for Party () Festival Lighting Designer
Scenes from Plays I Never Wrote () Festival Lighting Designer
Goodbye to All That () Festival Lighting Designer
Cowboy Mouth () Festival Lighting Designer
Angels & Aliens () Festival Lighting Designer
How May I Mate You? () Festival Lighting Designer
Far Away () Festival Lighting Designer
Waiting for Alonzo () Festival Lighting Designer
Deepest Darkest () Festival Lighting Designer
The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour () Festival Lighting Designer
The Reproductive Life Cycle of a Flower () Festival Lighting Designer
Water Choke () Festival Lighting Designer
Ninety () Festival Lighting Designer
You Are Not Alone () Festival Lighting Designer
One More and the Bill () Festival Lighting Designer
Skunkweed () Festival Lighting Designer
An Ode To Dyads () Festival Lighting Designer
The Assassination of Robert Ford: Dirty Little Coward () Festival Lighting Designer
Never Swim Alone () Festival Lighting Designer
Tarrare: A Story of Hunger () Festival Lighting Designer
The Emergency Monologues () Festival Lighting Designer
Who Killed Gertrude Crump? () Festival Lighting Designer
Don't Tell My Dad () Festival Lighting Designer
Group Therapy () Festival Lighting Designer
Inside Albert's Head () Festival Lighting Designer
Stalled () Festival Lighting Designer
Bad Guys Finish First () Festival Lighting Designer
Sour Grapes () Festival Lighting Designer
The Hystericon () Festival Lighting Designer
Play Actually: a Non Rom Com () Festival Lighting Designer
Vangroovy () Festival Lighting Designer
The Oak Room () Festival Lighting Designer
Corpus Matris () Festival Lighting Designer
Apostles Creed () Festival Lighting Designer

Head Technician

Binti's Journey () Head Technician

Lighting Crew

The Circle () Lighting Crew
You Will Remember Me () Lighting Crew
Much Ado About Nothing () Lighting Crew
Infinity () Lighting Crew
Waiting Room () Lighting Crew
Lungs () Lighting Crew
The Real World () Lighting Crew
Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Lighting Crew

Lighting Technician

King Lear () Lighting Technician

Mainspace Technician

As I Must Live It () Mainspace Technician


Stories From the Fringe () Performer
Rumors () Glen Cooper

Set Builder

The Story () Set Construction

Sound Crew

You Will Remember Me () Sound Crew

Sound Designer

Charles Manson and Timothy Leary in Folsom Prison () Sound Designer

Technical Director

Dina: The Burlapped Crusader () Technical Director


Highway 63: The Fort Mac Show () Technician
The Pastor Phelps Project () Technician

Venue Technician

Camille: The Story () Mainspace Technician
Woking Phoenix () Venue Technician
No One’s Special at the Hot Dog Cart () Venue Technician
Migraaaants () Venue Technician
Transit () Venue Technician
Good Old Days () Venue Technician
Hermaphroditus () Venue Technician
Thistle Gardens () Venue Technician
Ms. Titaverse () Venue Technician
The Woman Who Ate Falafel () Venue Technician
The Parliament of Poets () Venue Technician
June () Venue Technician
Trace () Venue Technician
Never the Last () Venue Technician
Rubble () Venue Technician
Okay You Can Stop Now () Mainspace Technician
X and Da Spirit () Venue Technician
our place () Venue Technician
Danzantes del Alba | Dancers of the Dawn () Venue Technician
The Negroes are Congregating () Mainspace Technician
bug () Venue Technician
Suitcase () Mainspace Technician
Adrenaline () Mainspace Technician
Tales of a City by the Sea () Mainspace Technician
The Wager () Mainspace Technician
The Election () Mainspace Technician
Kopernikus () Head Technician
The Rear Window () Venue Technician
Paolozzapedia () Venue Technician
Hook Up () Mainspace Technician
A Very Leila Christmas () Venue Technician
The Runner () Mainspace Technician
The Wager () Mainspace Technician
Pearle Harbour's Chautauqua () Venue Technician
Paradise Lost () Venue Technician
Follow Me () Venue Technician
The Two of Us () Venue Technician
Restless Spirit () Venue Technician
The Joy of Sax () Venue Technician
Six Stories, Told at Night () Venue Technician
Women of the Fur Trade () Venue Technician
Jimmy Hogg: A Brief History Of Petty Crime () Venue Technician
AWKWARD HUG () Venue Technician
Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal () Venue Technician
The Drawer Boy () Mainspace Technician
Acha Bacha () Mainspace Technician
The Tale of a Town - Canada () TPM House Technician
Reflector () Mainspace Technician
Open Rescue: The Play () Venue Technician
Contagious () Venue Technician
You Are Perfect () Venue Technician
Grey () Venue Technician
Pillow Talk () Venue Technician
The Seat Next to the King () Venue Technician
Brain Storm () Venue Technician
High Park Noir () Venue Technician
Suffragette () Mainspace Technician
Stupidhead! A Musical Comedy () Mainspace Technician
John & Waleed () Mainspace Technician
Secrets of a Black Boy () Venue Technician
Reflector () Venue Technician
Brave New World () Venue Technician
The Ties that Bind () Venue Technician
Life After () Venue Technician
Best Picture () Venue Technician
Happiness™ () Venue Technician
Searching for Party () Venue Technician
Scenes from Plays I Never Wrote () Venue Technician
Goodbye to All That () Venue Technician
Cowboy Mouth () Venue Technician
How May I Mate You? () Venue Technician
Angels & Aliens () Venue Technician
Far Away () Venue Technician
Ultrasound () Venue Technician
Up the Garden Path () Venue Technician
Chelsea Hotel () Venue Technician
Elle () Mainspace Technician
King Lear () Venue Technician
Avaricious () Mainspace Technician
The Hum () Venue Technician
Like There's No Tomorrow () Venue Technician
Stupidhead! (A Mucisal Cmoedy) () Venue Technician
Lac/Athabasca () Venue Technician
Seams () Venue Technician
Waiting for Alonzo () Venue Technician
Deepest Darkest () Venue Technician
The Famous Haydell Sisters Comeback Tour () Venue Technician
The Reproductive Life Cycle of a Flower () Venue Technician
Water Choke () Venue Technician
Ninety () Venue Technician
You Are Not Alone () Venue Technician
One More and the Bill () Venue Technician
Skunkweed () Venue Technician
The Bigger Issue () Venue Technician
Parents Night () Venue Technician
December Songs () Venue Technician
The Sound of Cracking Bones / Le Bruit Des Os Qui Craquent () Venue Technician
The De Chardin Project () Mainspace Technician
Avaricious () Mainspace Technician
Life, Death and the Blues () Mainspace Technician
Unknown Soldier () Venue Technician
Half Girl/Half Face () Venue Technician
Against Gravity () Venue Technician
Graceful Rebellions () Venue Technician
The Assassination of Robert Ford: Dirty Little Coward () Mainspace Technician
Never Swim Alone () Mainspace Technician
Tarrare: A Story of Hunger () Mainspace Technician
The Emergency Monologues () Mainspace Technician
An Ode To Dyads () Mainspace Technician
Who Killed Gertrude Crump? () Mainspace Technician
Don't Tell My Dad () Mainspace Technician
Group Therapy () Mainspace Technician
Time Stands Still () Venue Technician
Inside Albert's Head () Mainspace Technician
Same Same But Different () Mainspace Technician
The Way Back to Thursday () Mainspace Technician
Moss Park () Mainspace Technician
Night of the Living Dead Live () Mainspace Technician
On the Rocks () Mainspace Technician
7 Important Things () Mainspace Technician
The Life Of Jude () Mainspace Technician
Camila’s Bones () Mainspace Technician
Entitlement () Mainspace Technician
Sour Grapes () Mainspace Technician
Stalled () Mainspace Technician
Bad Guys Finish First () Mainspace Technician
The Hystericon () Mainspace Technician
Vangroovy () Mainspace Technician
Play Actually: a Non Rom Com () Mainspace Technician
The Oak Room () Mainspace Technician
Apostles Creed () Mainspace Technician
Corpus Matris () Mainspace Technician
Night of the Living Dead Live () Mainspace Technician
Legoland () Mainspace Technician
As I Lay Dying () Mainspace Technician
Shakespeare's Nigga () Mainspace Technician
Body 13 () Mainspace Technician
Cinderella in Muddy York () Venue Technician
Fare Game: Life in Toronto's Taxis () Mainspace Technician
This Must Be The Place: The CN Tower Show () Mainspace Technician
Mister Baxter () Mainspace Technician
Violent be Violet () Mainspace Technician
Extinction Song () Mainspace Technician
Haunted () Mainspace Technician
Marine Life () Mainspace Technician
Barrel Crank () Mainspace Technician
Vic Harbour () Venue Technician
How I Lost One Pound: The Musical () Mainspace Technician
Then He Wakes Up () Mainspace Technician
Transit Diaries () Mainspace Technician
Divisadero: A Performance () Venue Technician
Ride the Cyclone () Mainspace Technician
Sex, Religion, and Other Hang-Ups () Mainspace Technician
Long Dark Night () Mainspace Technician
The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination () Mainspace Technician
Malaria Lullaby () Venue Technician
I () Venue Technician
The Death of Ashley Smith () Mainspace Technician
Mullet's Make-a-Play () Mainspace Technician
Mister Baxter () Venue Technician
Check Out () House Technician
The Long Red Road () Backspace Technician
Radiance () House Technician


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Technician (2011-)
Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace Venue Technician (2011-)