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Andy Warhol Musical: In Rehearsal ()

Produced by

Josie’s Pussy Cats

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Vinetta Strombergs
Director: Vinetta Strombergs


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


July 4th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


A behind the scenes look at the creation of a musical about Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory and the people who helped make Andy famous for a lot longer than 15 minutes. (


Autumn-Joy Dames Baby Jane Holzer
Breanne Dietrich Honey Berlin / Mary Woronov
Chase Winnicky Candy Darling
Christopher Wilson MC
Devin Chin-Cheong Gerard Malanga / Freddie Herko
Duff MacDonald Billy Linich / Jackie Curtis
Jewelle Blackman Nico / Diane DiPrima
Julia Carrer Ultra Violet
Kurtis Leon Baker Ondine / Holly Woodlawn
Sara Hinding Edie Sedgewick
Sarah Gibbons Viva
Stacey Kay Brigid Berlin

Creative Team

Vinetta Strombergs Playwright
Vinetta Strombergs Director
Robert Swerdlow Music
Peter Nunn Music Arrangements
Gino Berti Choreographer
Jim Plaxton Projections
Jim Plaxton Design


Lin-Mei Lay Stage Manager
Josie Di Luzio Producer
Jim Aldridge Producer
John Karastamatis Media
John Karastamatis Publicity
Blaine Aldridge Website


Joey Morin Venue Technician
Ellen MacKay Venue Technician
David Fisher Venue Technician
David Fisher Festival Lighting Designer