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Danzantes del Alba | Dancers of the Dawn ()

Produced by

Teatro Línea de Sombra and Teatro Universidad Autónoma de México Festival Internacional Cervantino

Presented by

Aluna Theatre

Writer: Rodrigo Parrini
Director: Jorge A. Vargas


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


October 7th, 2022 – October 9th, 2022


Danzantes del Alba is a phantom carnival which ritualizes the making of 36 festive costumes of the character, El loco de la danza. Several artisan workshops created these 36 costumes, including a group of old communist workers, the home of a Central American migrant woman who was earning money by crossing the border, a women’s cooperative who rescued an abandoned place and turned it into a small textile factory, and a collective of gay activists on the border with Guatemala.

Danzantes is a performative essay on the intersection of documentary research and the construction of landscapes on stage. At the end of this extraordinary dance / story, the audience is invited to explore the final installation and become part of the living landscape. (


Zuadd Atala Performer
Marisol Zepeda Performer
Amed Martínez Performer
Sofia Rodriguez Performer
Victoria Mata Performer
Irma Villafuerte Performer
Sofi Ontiveros Performer
Nico Solarte Performer
Falciony Patiño Performer

Creative Team

Rodrigo Parrini Writer
Jorge A. Vargas Director
Rodrigo Parrini Dramaturge
Yanina Pelle Artistic Ethnography
Yanina Pelle Costume Coordinator
Eduardo Bernal Artistic Collaborator
Jesús Hernández Lighting
Jesús Hernández Space
Zuadd Atala Choreographer
Javier García Video for the Scene
Jessica Villamil Video for the Scene
Sandra Perdomo Video for the Scene
Jesús Cuevas Sound Composition
Miguel Cicero Sound Designer
Toztli Abril de Dios Mask Workshop and Toro Negro


Carlos Villajuárez Image Design
Adrián Mejía Production Coordinator
Paola Montoya Production Assistant
Adriana Flores Technical Assistant
Marialy Soto Becerril Photography and video in Topilejo and Ecatepec
Svetlana Garza Translation
Alicia Laguna Executive Production
Patricia Díaz TLS Manager
Stephanie Sherman English Translation
Raúl Mendoza Technical Director


David Fisher Venue Technician
Charissa Wilcox Production Manager