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R-E-B-E-C-C-A ()

Produced by

Theatre Passe Muraille

Playwright: Sara Farb
Director: Richard Greenblatt


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


February 5th, 2015 – March 1st, 2015


R-E-B-E-C-C-A, by Sara Farb, is a personal piece based on Farb’s younger sister who was born seven weeks prematurely and diagnosed as developmentally delayed at a very young age.

We meet two Rebeccas, one real and one imagined (both performed by Farb) as they prepare to celebrate their respective 18th birthdays.

Although existing in parallel universes, these two Rebeccas manage to find a connection, uniting in an unexpected and powerful way. (


Sara Farb Performer

Creative Team

Sara Farb Playwright
Richard Greenblatt Director
Richard Greenblatt Dramaturge
Robin Fisher Set
Robin Fisher Costume Consultant
Elizabeth Nutting Set
Elizabeth Nutting Costume Consultant
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Viv Moore Movement Consultant
Reza Jacobs Composition
Cameron Davis Projection Designer
Kaitlin Hickey Associate Projection Designer
Jordan Tannahill Original Projection Designer


Kate Sandeson Stage Manager
Michael Cooper Cover Photography
Peter Eaton Crew
Josh Hoodless Crew
David Fisher Crew
Meghan Speakman Crew


Rebecca Vandevelde Associate Production Manager
Kaitlin Hickey Associate Production Designer
Christopher Ross Venue Technician