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Mullet’s Make-a-Play ()

Produced by

Jean-Paul Mullét

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Allan Turner
Playwright: Allan Turner


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


July 8th, 2011 – July 16th, 2011


More than anything, Mullet the zombie clown wants to make you laugh and love him. But putting on the best show of his undead life will be his second biggest challenge. The first will be facing the Demon who dooms him to doubt and failure. (


Allan Turner Jean-Paul Mullét
Andrea Brown Miette
Jeff Orchard Death
Gene Abella Make-a-Player
Albert Howell Make-a-Player
Carmine Lucarelli Make-a-Player
Peter Prystanski Make-a-Player
Nadine Bariteau Element Choir
Sienna Dahlen Element Choir
Katt Emerald Element Choir
Suzanne Farkas Element Choir
Tyson Kerr Element Choir
Jane Wells Element Choir
Alissa Klug Guest Act
Lindsay Grant Make-a-Player
Kerry Griffin Make-a-Player
Josh Holliday Make-a-Player
Amy Coulterman Element Choir
Margaret Dinsdale Element Choir
Steve Schwabl Element Choir
Kate Dunbar Guest Act
Isaac Kessler Make-a-Player
Thomas MacKay Make-a-Player
Kris Siddiqi Make-a-Player
Mario Lourenço Element Choir
Kevin Matviw Make-a-Player
Megan Fraser Guest Act
Alex Schroen Make-a-Player
Natalie Boustead Element Choir
Alizon Sharun Element Choir
Felicity Williams Element Choir
Gene Hardy Guest Act
Paul Bates Make-a-Player
James Gangl Make-a-Player
Bruce Hunter Make-a-Player
Adriana Monti Element Choir
Ted Ludzik Guest Act
Bruce Hunter Guest Act
Ken Hall Make-a-Player
Ashley Botting Make-a-Player
Dave Pearce Make-a-Player
Sandy Jobin-Bevans Make-a-Player
Marcel St. Pierre Make-a-Player
Jocelyn Barth Element Choir

Creative Team

Allan Turner Director
Allan Turner Playwright
Jeff Orchard Additional Material
Jorge Mijangos Additional Material
Ted Ludzik Dramaturge
Nancy Hitzig Choreographer
Kameron Gates Headstone Conceptual Art
Allan Turner Comics Writer
Kameron Gates Comics Art
Hector Turner Comics Art
Chris Burke Comics Art


Andrea Ouellette Stage Manager
Brendan Albert Sound Technician
Alissa Klug Sound Technician
Pauline Williams Demonhead Construction
Hector Turner Tombstones
Sonya Padovani Box Full of Evil
Brian Clement Director of Photography
Paul Fegan Photography
Kameron Gates Poster Art
Jorge Mijangos Poster Art
Hector Turner Logo Design
Allan Turner Graphic Designer


David Fisher Mainspace Technician
Peter Eaton Venue Technician