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Stories From the Fringe ()

Produced by

The Toronto Fringe Storytellers

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creators: Christopher Ross and Bonnie Thomson


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


July 6th, 2018 – July 15th, 2018


Artists, staff, volunteers, and friends tell honest, behind-the-scenes stories from the Toronto Fringe and Fringe festivals all over the world. (


Bonnie Thomson Performer
Christopher Ross Performer
David Fisher Performer
Rebecca Hooton Performer
Adam Bailey Performer
Thea Fitz-James Performer
Amy Lee Performer
Derrick Chua Performer
Heather Marie Annis Performer
Natasha Boomer Performer
Steve Fisher Performer
Eric Read Performer
Kat Letwin Performer
Rebecca Vandevelde Performer
Lucy Eveleigh Performer
Karthy Chin Performer
Kelly Winger Performer
Paula Forst Performer
Jason Golinsky Performer
John Thomson Performer
Jem Rolls Performer
Victoria Urquhart Performer
Cory Thibert Performer
Graham Isador Performer
Sarah “Pip” Bradford Performer
Sebastian Marziali Performer
Franco Nguyen Performer
Aaron Jan Performer
Julia Vodarek Hunter Performer
Olivia Quinn-Smith Performer

Creative Team

Christopher Ross Creator
Bonnie Thomson Creator


Bonnie Thomson Producer
Christopher Ross Producer


Ellen MacKay Venue Technician
Laura Philipps Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Christopher Ross Festival Lighting Designer