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Jason Golinsky

Carpenter, Consultant, Crew, Designer, Facilities Manager, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Performer, Production Manager, Technical Director, Venue Technician

Assistant Lighting Designer

Rock of Ages () Assistant Lighting Designer
The Sound of Music () Canadian Assistant Lighting Designer

Associate Lighting Designer

Life, Death and the Blues () Associate Lighting Designer
War Horse () Associate Lighting Designer (Canada)

Associate Production Designer

2 Pianos 4 Hands () Associate Production Designer


The Little Years () Carpenter


Wonderland () Consultant
Autoshow () Technical Advisor


The Lesson () Crew
Ditch () Crew
A Boy Called Newfoundland () Crew
Roshni () Crew
Birnam Wood () Technical Crew
And So It Goes () Crew
The Madonna Painter () Load-In and Light Crew

Festival Lighting Designer

Raton Laveur () Festival Lighting Designer
Souvenir's of Home () Festival Lighting Designer
The Emotionalists () Festival Lighting Designer
Avatar () Festival Lighting Designer
Countries Shaped Like Stars () Festival Lighting Designer
Even Darkness is Made of Light () Festival Lighting Designer
Wedding Night in Canada () Festival Lighting Designer
Sia () Festival Lighting Designer

Lighting Crew

After Akhmatova () Lighting Crew
More Fine Girls () Lighting Crew
Billy Twinkle: Requiem for a Golden Boy () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

First Time Last Time () Lighting Designer
The Emotionalists () Lighting Designer
Random Acts of Love () Lighting Designer


Stories From the Fringe () Performer

Production Manager

Sound of the Beast () Production Manager
Stupidhead! A Musical Comedy () Production Manager
John & Waleed () Production Manager
Alien Creature () Production Manager
Brave New World () Production Manager
Ultrasound () Production Manager
Caught () Production Manager
Pyaasa () Production Manager
Elle () Production Manager
Hooked () Production Manager
The Sound of Cracking Bones / Le Bruit Des Os Qui Craquent () Production Manager
The Dog & the Angel () Production Manager
The De Chardin Project () Production Manager
My Treasure Island!!! () Production Manager
Life, Death and the Blues () Production Manager
Same Same But Different () Production Manager
The Way Back to Thursday () Production Manager
Heaven Above Heaven Below () Production Manager
Moss Park () Production Manager (TPM)
Crash () Production Manager
On the Rocks () Production Manager
Legoland () Production Manager
Shakespeare's Nigga () Production Manager
It's A Wonderful Toronto: The Rob Ford Holiday Spectacular! () Production Manager
The 501: Toronto in Transit () Production Manager
At The Sans Hotel () Production Manager
The Rake's Progress: Do You Know Where Tom Rakewell Is? () Production Manager

Technical Director

Elle () Technical Director
The Gambler () Technical Director

Venue Technician

I'm Right Here () Venue Technician
The King's Castle () Venue Technician
Klondyke: Stand Up Straight from the Yukon () Venue Technician
Urban Legends () Venue Technician
Let’s Start A Country! () Venue Technician
Zach Zultana: Space Gigalo () Venue Technician
pool (no water) () Venue Technician
Morro and Jasp do Puberty () Venue Technician
Headless / The Play () Venue Technician
Conversations with Dork () Venue Technician
Einstein! () Venue Technician
Hey '90s Kids, You're Old () Venue Technician
Karenin's Anna () Venue Technician
All In The Timing () Venue Technician
FASTER Presents: The Elephant in The Room () Venue Technician
Little Miss Understood () Venue Technician
It's Kind of a Love Story () Venue Technician
Myth of the Ostrich () Venue Technician
The Hatter () Venue Technician
The Adversary () Venue Technician
BURNT... and Toasted! () Venue Technician
The Truth About Comets () Venue Technician
Elvis is Water () Venue Technician
Alex Nussbaum’s Handbook to the Future: A Brave New Worrier () Venue Technician
Solo: A Boy's Journey () Venue Technician
Evacuate () Venue Technician
Strolling Player () Venue Technician
The Taliban Don't Like My Knickers () Venue Technician
Raton Laveur () Venue Technician
Wedding Night in Canada () Venue Technician
Sia () Venue Technician
Fear & Misery of the Third Reich () Venue Technician
Red Machine: Part Two () Venue Technician
7 Days 7 Days () Venue Technician
The Ecstasy of Mother Teresa or: Agnes Bojaxhiu Superstar () Venue Technician
Toronto Noir () Venue Technician
The Dwarfs () Venue Technician
If We Were Birds () Venue Technician
The Girl With no Hands () Venue Technician
Raising Luke () Venue Technician
In Darfur () Venue Technician
My Leaky Body () Venue Technician
Any Night () Venue Technician
Talk Sixty to Me () Venue Technician


Theatre Passe Muraille Facilities Manager (2012-2017)
Theatre Passe Muraille Production Manager (2012-2017)
Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace Facilities Manager (2012-2017)