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Rock of Ages ()

Produced by

Corner Store Fund and Prospect Pictures and Relativity Media and The Araca Group

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Book: Chris D’Arienzo
Director: Kristin Hanggi


The Royal Alexandra Theatre


April 20th, 2010 – January 2nd, 2011


1987: small town girl and big city rocker fall in love to the greatest rock hits of the ’80s. (


Yvan Pedneault Drew
Elicia MacKenzie Sherrie
David W. Keeley Dennis
Aaron Walpole Lonny
Cody Scott Lancaster Franz / Understudy for Drew
Angela Teek Justice / Mother
Josephine Rose Roberts Regina / Candi / Ensemble
Victor A. Young Hertz
Peter Deiwick Stacee Jaxx
Tessa Alves Young Groupie / Ensemble / Understudy for Sherrie and Justice
Ashley Burton Swing / Understudy for Regina
Eric Coles Joey Primo / Sleazy Producer / Ensemble / Understudy for Stacee Jaxx, Franz, Mayor, and Ja'Keith Gill
Caleb Cosman Swing / Understudy for Drew, Franz, and Joey Primo
Tony LePage Swing / Understudy for Stacee Jaxx, Lonny, Dennis, Hertz, and Joey Primo
Jennifer Mote Waitress #1 / Ensemble
Carson Nattrass Swing / Understudy for Lonny, Dennis, Hertz, Mayor, and Ja'Keith Gill
Valerie Stanois Swing / Understudy for Sherrie, Justice, and Regina
Melvin Tunstall Mayor / Ja'Keith Gill / Strip Club DJ / Ensemble
Emily Williams Constance Stack / Ensemble

Creative Team

Chris D’Arienzo Book
Kristin Hanggi Director
Kelly Devine Choreographer
Ethan Popp Music Arrangements
Ethan Popp Orchestrations
Ethan Popp Music Supervision
Beowulf Boritt Set Designer
Gregory Gale Costume Designer
Jason Lyons Lighting Designer
Peter Hylenski Sound Designer
Zak Borovay Projection Designer
Tom Watson Wig & Hair Designer
Angelina Avallone Makeup Design
Robert Tatad Associate Choreographer
Robert Foster Music Director
David Gibbs Original Arrangements
David Gibbs Associate Music Supervisor
Adam John Hunter Associate Director
David Connolly Resident Director
Jo Winiarski Associate Scenic Designer
Jason Lajka Assistant Scenic Designer
Colleen Kesterson Assistant Costume Designer
Driscoll Otto Associate Lighting Designer
Jason Golinsky Assistant Lighting Designer
Keith Caggiano Associate Sound Designer
Austin Switser Associate Projection Designer
Daniel Brodie Assistant Projection Designer


Robert Foster Conductor
Robert Foster Keyboards
Jason Jestadt Keyboards
Tristan Avakian Guitar
Sil Simone Guitar
Mike Pellarin Bass
Sean Kilbride Drums
Randy Cohen Synthesizer Programming


Rick Whitelaw Music Contractor
The. John Gray Production Stage Manager
Chris Porter Stage Manager
Kathleen Harrison Assistant Stage Manager
Michael Barrs Apprentice Stage Manager
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
Scot Whitham Director of Production
David Mucci General Manager
Alecia Parker Executive Producer, International Productions
Peter Fulbright Technical Supervisor
Stephanie Gorin Canadian Casting
David Mirvish Producer
Matthew Weaver Producer
Carl Levin Producer
Jeff Davis Producer
Barry Habib Producer
Scott Prisand Producer
Janet Billig Rich Producer
Hillary Weaver Producer
Ryan Kavanaugh Producer
Tony Habib Producer
Simon Bergson Producer
Stefany Bergson Producer
Douglas Feurring Producer
Mariano Tolentino Jr Producer
Israel Wolfson Producer
Happy Walters Producer
Laura Smith Producer
Bill Bodnar Producer
Leslie Ledbetter General Manager (U.S.)
Colleen Houlehen Technical Supervisor
Mary Duffe Technical Supervisor
Miranda Wiggington Technical Supervisor
Timothy F. Rogers Moving Light Programmer
Wendy Goldberg Creative Advisor
Karen Williams Canadian Casting
Misha Rasaiah Canadian Casting
Bernie Telsey U.S. Casting
Will Cantler U.S. Casting
David Vaccari U.S. Casting
Bethany Knox U.S. Casting
Craig Burns U.S. Casting
Tiffany Little Canfield U.S. Casting
Rachel Hoffman U.S. Casting
Carrie Rosson U.S. Casting
Justin Huff U.S. Casting
Bess Fifer U.S. Casting
Patrick Goodwin U.S. Casting
Abbie Brady-Dalton U.S. Casting
John Still Production Electrician
Mike Puhacz Production Carpenter
Phillip Lojo Production Sound Engineer
Henry Zmijak Sound Engineer
Michael Pilipski Production Properties
Helen Gregor Head of Wigs
Tom Pellegrini Assistant to Mr. Weaver
Leigh Huser Assistant to Mr. Weaver
Alex Bisker Assistant to Mr. Levin
Karly Fischer Assistant to Mr. Levin
Joan Marcus Production Photographer


Mike Puhacz Head Carpenter
John Still Head Electrician
Guy Gualtieri Head of Properties
Heather Clarkson Head of Wardrobe
Blair Egglestone Head of Flies