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Helen Gregor

Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew, Wigs and Hair

Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew

Lord of the Rings () Production Hair, Wig, and Make-up Supervisor

Head of Hair and Makeup

The Wizard of Oz () Head of Hair and Makeup

Make-Up Supervisor

War Horse () Make-Up Supervisor

Wig Construction

War Horse () Wig Construction
Dirty Dancing () Wig Construction

Wig Coordinator

Come From Away () Wig Supervisor

Wig Head

North by Northwest () Wig Head
Mrs. Henderson Presents () Wig Head
The Audience () Head of Wigs
Kinky Boots () Wig Head
The Heart of Robin Hood () Wig Head
The Two Worlds of Charlie F. () Wig Head
Les Misérables () Head of Wigs
Jekyll & Hyde () Wig Head
A Jew Grows In Brooklyn () Wig Head
Rock of Ages () Head of Wigs
Cloud 9 () Head of Wigs
Dirty Dancing () Production Wig & Makeup Supervisor

Wigs and Hair

Cloud 9 () Wigs
The Boys In The Photograph () Wigs and Hair