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Lord of the Rings ()

Book: Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus
Lyrics: Shaun McKenna and Matthew Warchus
Director: Matthew Warchus
Choreographer: Peter Darling

Music by: A.R. Rahman, Värttinä, and Christopher Nightingale

Produced by: Kevin Wallace and Saul Zaentz in association with David & Ed Mirvish, and Michael Cohl.


The Princess of Wales Theatre


March 23rd, 2006 – September 3rd, 2006


The Lord of the Rings tells the tale of a humble hobbit who is asked to play the hero and undertake a treacherous mission to destroy an evil, magic ring without being seduced by its power. (


James Loye Frodo Baggins
Peter Howe Sam Gamgee
Brent Carver Gandalf
Kristin Galer Rosie / Ensemble
Owen Sharpe Pippin (Peregrin Took)
Dylan Roberts Merry (Meriadoc Brandybuck)
Richard McMillan Saruman
Shawn Wright Treebeard / Barliman Butterbear / Ensemble / Understudy for Gandalf and Théoden
Greg Armstrong-Morris Ensemble / Understudy for Bilbo and Gaffer Gamgee
Joel Benson Déagol / Ensemble / Understudy for Gollum, Bill Ferny, Treebeard, and Barliman Butterbur
Alexandra Bonnet Ensemble / Understudy for Galadriel and Arwen
Brent Buchanan Ensemble / Understudy for Sam and Pippin
Evan Buliung Strider
Gabriel Burrafato Legolas
Matt Cassidy Ensemble / Understudy for Strider and Boromir
Mike Cota Ensemble
Kerry Dorey Théoden / Ensemble / Understudy for Saruman and Elrond
Susan Dunstan Ensemble / Understudy for Rosie and Elránien
Joe Eigo Ensemble
Josh Epstein Ensemble / Understudy for Merry
Troy Feldman Ensemble
Omar Forrest Swing
Matthew Gagnon Ensemble / Understudy for Frodo
Krystal Kiran Garib Swing / Understudy for Éowyn
Nicholas Gede-Lange Ensemble / Understudy for The Witch King of Angmar
Peter van Gestel Ensemble / Understudy for Sam
Nicko Giannakos Ensemble / Understudy for Haldir
Don Gough The Witch King of Angmar / Ensemble
Graham Guthrie Swing
Colin Heath Ensemble / Understudy for Gollum and Déagol
Peter Huck Ensemble / Understudy for Strider and Boromir
Dion Johnstone Boromir / Ensemble
Chilina Kennedy Ensemble / Understudy for Rosie
Bryce Kulak Ensemble / Understudy for Merry and Pippin
Monique Lund Elránien / Ensemble / Understudy for Galadriel and Éowyn
Shannon Lynch Ensemble / Understudy for Frodo
Ayrin Mackie Éowyn / Ensemble / Understudy for Arwen and Elránien
Patrick McManus Bill Ferny / Ensemble / Understudy for Elrond and Théoden
Colin Maier Swing
Rebecca Jackson Mendoza Galadriel
Tyler Murree Ensemble / Understudy for Gimli and Gaffer Gamgee
Cory O’Brien Swing
Phillip Nero Swing
Danny Pathan Ensemble / Understudy for Legolas and Haldir
Jesse Robb Ensemble / Understudy for the Witch King of Angmar
Sean C. Robertson Ensemble / Understudy for Déagol
Louise St. Cyr Swing
Cliff Saunders Bilbo / Ensemble / Understudy for Gimli and Treebeard
Carly Street Arwen
Michael Therriault Gollum
Vincent Tong Ensemble
Fraser Walters Haldir / Ensemble / Understudy for Legolas
Sanders Whiting Gaffer Gamgee / Ensemble / Understudy for Bilbo and Bill Ferny
Victor A. Young Elrond / Ensemble / Understudy for Gandalf and Saruman

Creative Team

Shaun McKenna Book
Matthew Warchus Book
Shaun McKenna Lyrics
Matthew Warchus Lyrics
A.R. Rahman Music
Christopher Nightingale Music
Matthew Warchus Director
Peter Darling Choreographer
Christopher Nightingale Musical Supervision
Christopher Nightingale Orchestrations
A.R. Rahman Orchestrations
Rob Howell Set Designer
Rob Howell Costume Designer
Paul Pyant Lighting Designer
Simon Baker Sound Designer
David Newton Moving Image Direction
Andrew Savage Moving Image Direction
Yuri Tanaka Moving Image Direction
Thomas Gray Moving Image Direction
Gregory Meeh Special Effects Designer
Paul Kieve Illusions and Magic Effects
Rick Fox Director
Rob Tannion Associate Choreographer
Alex Frith Circus Skills Specialist
Terry King Fight Director
Laurie Battle Tolkien Creative Consultant
Megan Huish Associate Set Designer
David Howe Associate Lighting Designer
Sten Severson Associate Sound Designer
Irene Bohan Associate Costume Designer
Joe Bostick Associate Fight Director
Richard Brown Associate Musical Director
Alisa Palmer Resident Director
Franklin Brasz Assistant Musical Director
Andrzej Goulding Set Design Assistant
Heidi McDonald Assistant Lighting Designer
Michael Walton Assistant Special Effects Designer


Rick Fox Conductor
Franklin Brasz Keyboards
Jason Jestadt Keyboards
Sasha Luminsky Keyboards / Accordian
Michele Irion Violin / Concertmaster
Anne Lindsay Violin / Folk Fiddle / Joihikko / Nyckelharpa
Jonathan Craig Viola
Amy Laing Cello
Pat Kilbride Bass
Levon Ichkhanian Bouzouki
Leslie Allt Flute / Piccolo / Ethnic Flutes
Norman Engel Trumpet
David Haskins French Horn
David Quackenbush French Horn
Alastair Kay Trombone
Allistar Gaskin Trombone
Terry Promane Bass Trombone
Paul Ormandy Percussion
Nick Coulter Percussion
James Spragg Orchestra Contractor


David Mirvish Canadian Associate Producer
Ed Mirvish Canadian Associate Producer
Michael Cohl Canadian Associate Producer
Saul Zaentz Producer
Kevin Wallace Producer
The. John Gray Production Stage Manager
Chris Porter Stage Manager
Mike Deschambeault Assistant Stage Manager
Melanie Klodt Assistant Stage Manager
Stephanie Gorin Casting (Canada)
Maggie Lunn Casting (UK)
Phillip Nero Dance Captain
Phillip Nero Fight Captain
Jesse Robb Assistant Dance Captain
Danny Pathan Assistant Fight Captain
David Mucci General Manager
Glenda Fraser Company Manager
Stephen Rebbeck Production Manager (UK)
Scot Whitham Production Manager (Canada)
Stewart Crosbie Production Manager (UK)
Greg Shimmin Associate Production Manager (UK)
Chris Prideaux Associate Production Manager (Canada)
Yvette Drumgold Assistant Production Manager
Phij Adams Music: Technology & Keyboard Programming
Jonathan Rouse Moving Light Programmer
Simon Brindle Associate Armour & Weapon Designer
Edward Gibbon Assistant Costume Supervisor
Jason Bendig Costume Coordinator
Nancy Granfield Costume Coordinator
Micky Murray Production Carpenter (UK)
Andy Hardy Production Engineer (UK)
Ralph Goyarts Automation Engineer
Chris Redman Wigs & Make-up Consultant
Nick Murray Draftsman
Martin Loomer Music Copyist
Colin Rae Music Copyist
Greg Diakun Rehearsal Pianist
Larissa Mair Canadian Casting Associate
Karen Williams Canadian Casting Associate
Kathleen Howell Canadian Casting Associate
Kate Hodgert Canadian Casting Assistant
Andrew Wade Voice & Language Consultant
Jane Gooderham Voice & Language Coach
Susan Aho Specialist Vocal Coach
Mari Kaasinen Specialist Vocal Coach
Johanna Virtanen Specialist Vocal Coach
Philippa Semper Old English Translations
Julian Bradfeld Elvish Translations
Tom Shippey Hobbit Nonsense Lyrics Reviewer
Mike Puhacz Production Carpenter
Kevin Dixon Production Automation Carpenter
John Still Production Electrician
Grace Nakatsu Production Properties Supervisor
Al Merson Production Sound Engineer
Bob Shindle Production Sound Mixer
Pam Weston Production Wardrobe Supervisor
Helen Gregor Production Hair, Wig, and Make-up Supervisor
Sandra McVey Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Michael Reilly Assistant Wardrobe Supervisor
Lesley Olson Assistant Make-up Supervisor
Denise Farrell Assistant Hair and Wig Supervisor
Linda Ash Wardrobe Attendant
Rachel Breski Wardrobe Attendant
Kathy Burkett Wardrobe Attendant
Raymond Cosgrove Wardrobe Attendant
Michelle de Cesare Wardrobe Attendant
Hal Drake Wardrobe Attendant
Jenny Fraser Wardrobe Attendant
Rodney P. Heffernan Wardrobe Attendant
Kathleen Heron Wardrobe Attendant
Stephen Hupman Wardrobe Attendant
Heather Matson Wardrobe Attendant
Karen Lee Meluck Wardrobe Attendant
Stephen McMulkin Wardrobe Attendant
Woody Millholland Wardrobe Attendant
Gloria Munn Wardrobe Attendant
Michelle Munn Wardrobe Attendant
Pat Oney Wardrobe Attendant
Lisa Sheaves Wardrobe Attendant
Karl Tomczak Wardrobe Attendant
Isaac Gryphon Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew
Chris Ibbetson Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew
Fina Khan Hair, Wigs, and Makeup Crew
Brad Fraser Assistant Head Carpenter
Steve McLean Assistant Head Carpenter
Scott Clarke Carpenter
Kevin Dixon Automation Head
Barry Coyle Assistant Automation Head
Jim Earls Carpentry Hand
Terry Hurley Carpentry Hand
Jeffrey Mallinson Carpentry Hand
Daniel Montgomery Carpentry Hand
John Reilly Carpentry Hand
Mike Switzer Carpentry Hand
John Beirne Carp / Prop Swing
Mike Still Lighting Board Operator
Rob Burns Assistant Electrician
Dan Malloy Video Operator
Brian Benet Deck Electrician
Douglas Hook Deck Electrician
Andrew Tennant Deck Electrician
Jason Linton Lead Followspot Operator
Mark Kelman Followspot Operator
William Meadows Followspot Operator
Sean Poole Followspot Operator
Andrew Vukovic Followspot Operator
Gregg Feor Lighting / Sound Swing
Wayne Coyle Assistant Head of Sound
Vivianne Cowley Deck Sound
Craig Kadoke Band Sound
Doug Fraser Assistant Head of Props
Mike Bluestone Properties Hand
Joel Burgon Properties Crew
Darrin Carter Properties Crew
Paul Ward Properties Crew


Tom Locke Head Carpenter
Ron Montgomery, Jr. Head Electrician
Sean Taylor Head of Properties
Danny Walker Lead Fly System Operator