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North by Northwest ()

Produced by

Kay & McLean Productions and Theatre Royal Bath

Presented by

Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Carolyn Burns
Director: Simon Phillips


The Royal Alexandra Theatre


September 19th, 2017


Roger O. Thornhill is a suave and successful advertising executive, abducted by thugs who insist he is a man called George Kaplan. There’s obviously been a mix up. When they don’t believe him, that’s infuriating. When they try to kill him, that’s frightening. And when they pin a murder on him, that’s time to run!

From New York to North Dakota, Thornhill is chased by spies, Feds, crop-dusting planes, and the inevitable cool blonde. Years before the James Bond films there was NORTH BY NORTHWEST–a  lightning-paced thriller that mixes glamour with espionage for a truly irresistible cocktail. (


Jonathan Watton Roger O. Thornhill
Gerald Kyd Vandamm
Olivia Fines Eve
Abigail McKern Mrs. Thornhill
Kieran Gough Gruzinsky
Angus Brown Budnikov
Tom Davey Leonard / Fanning Nelson
Nick Sampson The Professor / Larry Wade
Christopher Chilton Janitor / Head Waiter / Policeman / Detective / Miller / Steward / Hotel Clerk / Radio Announcer
Nick Harris Newsreader / Herman / Doctor / Detective / Lt. Harding / Townsend / Teller / Man (Cornfield) / Auctioneer
Roddy Peters Bell Boy / Valet / Sgt. Klinger / Agent Anderson / Pilot / Sgt. Flamm
Joanna van Kampen Maggie / Mrs. Townsend / Elmore / Maid / UN Woman / Airline Teller / Hospital Woman / Understudy for Eve
Pamela Hardman Understudy for Mrs. Thornhill & Maggie
Harrison Rose Understudy for Leonard, Gruzinsky & Bell Boy
John Vernon Understudy for Budnikov, Newseader & Janitor

Creative Team

Carolyn Burns Playwright
Simon Phillips Director
Simon Phillips Dramaturge
Ernest Lehman Original Screenwriter
Simon Phillips Set Designer
Nick Schlieper Set Designer
Nick Schlieper Lighting Designer
Guy Jones Associate Lighting Designer
Ian McDonald Composer
Ian McDonald Soundscape Designer
Bernard Herrmann Original Film Music
Esther Marie Hayes Costume Designer
Josh Burns Audio Visual Designer
Jessica Burns Associate Director


Poti Martin Sound System Design
Richard Dinnen Audio Visual Specialist
Gabrielle Dawes Casting
Simon Marlow Production Manager
Andrew Kay Producer
Liza McLean Producer
David Mirvish Producer
Kathy Bourne Tour Manager
Dan Gammon Company Stage Manager
Amanda Hillhouse Deputy Stage Manager
Joe Gale Assistant Stage Manager
Joe Gale Calling Cover
Chris Cahill Costume Supervisor
William Portch-Burgess Wardrobe Supervisor
Campbell Young Wigs Supervisor
Abi Morris Wig Coordinator
Ruben Gomez Bustamente Associate Sound System Designer
Oliver Hancock Production Video Technician
Will Ferris Lighting Board Programmer
Micky Murray Production Carpenter
Budgie Salam Voice Coach
Nobby Clark Production Photographer
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
David Mucci Managing Director
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Linda Intaschi Associate Producer
Charles Chu Associate General Manager
Sarah Sisko Assistant Producer
Hannah Mirvish General Management Associate
Chris Prideaux Production Manager
Nathan Giles Production Manager
Desirée Proveau Production Administrator


Ron Jacobson General Manager
Mike Puhacz Head Carpenter
Kevin McCarthy Senior Maintenance Manager
John Still Head Electrician
Guy Gualtieri Head of Properties
Blair Egglestone Head of Flies
Lisa Sheaves Head of Wardrobe
Helen Gregor Wig Head