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War Horse ()

Produced by

Broadway Across America and Mirvish Productions and National Angels Limited and Raise the Roof and Shorenstein Hays-Nederlander Theatres and The National Theatre of Great Britain

Producer: David Mirvish
Directors: Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris

Based on the novel by Michael Morpurgo.

Adapted by Nick Stafford

in association with Handspring Puppet Company.


The Princess of Wales Theatre


February 28th, 2012 – January 6th, 2013


Mairi Babb Joey as a Foal / Ensemble / Understudy for Joey as Foal/Paulette, Emilie, and Matron Annie Gilbert
Patrick Kwok-Choon Joey as a Foal / David Taylor
Rahnuma Panthaky Joey as a Foal / Paulette / Ensemble / Understudy for Rose Narracott and Matron Annie Gilbert
Christy Adamson Joey Hind / Topthorn Hind / Coco
Brad Cook Joey Head
Adam Cunningham Joey & Topthorn Heart / Coco / Goose
Caden Douglas Joey Hind / Coco
James Retter Duncan Joey & Topthorn Head / Goose
Troy Feldman Joey & Topthorn Heart / Coco
Bryan Hindle Joey Heart / Coco
Sean C. Robertson Joey & Topthorn Hind / Coco
Brendan J. Rowland Joey / Topthorn Head
Grant Landry Topthorn Head
Ryan Reid Topthorn Heart / Coco / Goose
Dayna Tietzen Topthorn Hind / Coco / Goose
Bruce Godfree Captain Charles Stewart / Heine / Ensemble / Understudy for Sergeant Fine and Taff
Steven Yaffee Heine / Billy Narracott / Understudy for Albert Narracott
Melanie Doane Songperson with Fiddle
Tatjana Cornij Songperson with Accordian / Ensemble
Brendan Murray Lt. James Nicholls / Unteroffizier Klebb / Ensemble
Richard McMillan Arthur Narracott / Manfred / Understudy for Sergeant Fine
Alex Furber Albert Narracott
Brad Rudy Ted Narracott / Understudy for Sergeant Thunder, Oberst Strauss, and Manfred
Dylan Roberts Chapman Carter / Taff / Understudy for Ted Narracott, Sergeant Roberts, and Doctor Schweyk
Neil Foster Allan / Oberst Strauss / Veterinary Officer Martin / Ensemble / Understudy for Arthur Narracott, Ted Narracott, Chapman Carter, and Manfred
Araya Mengesha Thomas Bone / Ensemble / Understudy for Billy Narracott, Joey as a Foal/David Taylor
Ryan Hollyman John Greig / Doctor Schweyk / Sergeant Fine / Ensemble / Understudy for Lt. James Nicholls/Unteroffizier Klebb, Priest/Hauptmann Friedrich Müller, Captain Charles Stewart/Heine
Tamara Bernier-Evans Rose Narracott
Patrick Galligan Priest / Hauptmann Friedrich Müller / Understudy for Chapman Carter
Brian Paul Sergeant Thunder / Ensemble / Understudy for Arthur Narracott, and Allan
Geoffrey Pounsett Soldat Klausen / Ensemble / Understudy for Thomas Bone, Allan, John Greig, Priest/Hauptmann Friedrich Müller, and Vetinary Officer Martin
Addison Holley Emilie
Cara Hunter Matron Annie Gilbert / Ensemble / Understudy for Rose Narracott, Joey as Foal/Paulette, and Emilie
David Hurwitz Swing / Understudy for Billy Narracott/Heine, Albert Narracott, Thomas Bone, Joey as Foal/David Taylor, and Soldat Schnabel
Brendan Wall Swing / Understudy for Songperson, Lt. James Nicholls/Unteroffizier Klebb, Allan, John Greig, Captain Charles Stewart/Heine, Soldat Klausen, Doctor Schweyk, Oberst Strauss, Sergeant Fine, Taff, and Veterinary.

Creative Team

Michael Morpurgo Author
Nick Stafford Adapter
Marianne Elliott Director
Tom Morris Director
Rae Smith Set Designer
Rae Smith Costume Designer
Rae Smith Drawings
Adrian Kohler Puppet Design
Basil Jones Puppet Design
Adrian Kohler Puppet Director
Basil Jones Puppet Director
Paule Constable Lighting
Toby Sedgewick Director of Movement and Horse Choreography
Christopher Shutt Sound
59 Productions Animation and Projection Design
Adrian Sutton Music
John Tams Songmaker
Samuel Adamson Artistic Associate (Script)
Greg Pliska Music Director
Mervyn Millar Associate Puppet Director
Alex Sims Direction Recreated for this Production
Leo Warner Animation and Video Designer
Mark Grimmer Animation and Video Designer
Tommy Luther Associate Puppet Director
Tracey Flye Resident Director
John Stead Fight Director
Frank McCullough Associate Set Designer
Joanna Coe Associate Costume Designer
Chloe Towler Assistant to the Set Designer
Will Fricker UK Set Associate
Nick Simmons Associate Lighting Designer
Jason Golinsky Associate Lighting Designer (Canada)
John Owens Associate Sound Designer
Ben Pearcy Projection Animation Associate


Adrian Kohler Puppet Builder
Basil Jones Puppet Builder
Brian Sewell Executive Producer
David Mucci General Manager
Stephanie Gorin Casting
Scot Whitham Director of Production
Stephen Rebbeck Production Manager
The. John Gray Production Stage Manager
Chris Harper NT Producer
Katrina Gilroy NT Technical Producer
Robin Hawkes NT Administrative Producer
Chris Porter Stage Manager
Lisa Humber Assistant Stage Manager
Tali Anzel-Sivkin Apprentice Assistant Stage Manager
Jane Gooderham Voice Coach
Jane Gooderham Dialect Coach
Rob Boyett Producer
Tim Levy Producer
Roger Berlind Producer
Roy Furman Producer
Rich Willis Producer
David Roth Producer
Daryl Roth Producer
Debbie Bisno Producer
Jane Bergère Producer
Remmel T. Dickinson Producer
Dede Harris Producer
Stewart F. Lane Producer
Bonnie Comley Producer
Thomas L. Miller Producer
Douglas G. Smith Producer
Carl Moellenberg Producer
Allan Sandler Producer
Eric Goldstein Company Manager
Nathan Giles Assistant Production Manager
Dylan Roberts Fight Captain
Nick Simmons Moving Light Programmer
Ben Krall Projection Programmer
Mike Puhacz Production Carpenter
John Still Production Electrician
Al Merson Production Sound Engineer
Simon E. R. Evans Production Properties
Thomas Williams Automation Operator
Gerry Fava Carpentry Crew
Cody Kewell Carpentry Crew
Ken McCrodden Carpentry Crew
Tom McLean Carpentry Crew
Mike Still Lighting Board Operator
Rob Burns Deck Electrician
Andrew Tennant Deck Electrician
Dave Nicholson Followspot Operator
Brian Benet Followspot Operator
Aaron Hanna FOH Sound Operator
Vivianne Cowley Deck Sound
Wayne Coyle Deck Sound
Mike Switzer Puppet Technician
John Reilly Puppet Technician
Mike Ellenton Puppet Technician
Kevin Dixon Properties Crew
Tim Flawn Properties Crew
David Cauchi UK Puppet Tech
Jason Bendig Wardrobe Supervisor
Kim Cunik Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Woody Millholland Wardrobe Attendant
Pat Oney Wardrobe Attendant
Lisa Sheaves Wardrobe Attendant
Michelle Munn Wardrobe Attendant
Jenny Fraser Wardrobe Attendant
Karl Tomczak Wardrobe Attendant
Stephen McMulkin Wardrobe Attendant
Raymond Cosgrove Wardrobe Attendant
Kathleen Heron Wardrobe Attendant
Heather Matson Wardrobe Attendant
Dawn Maisine Wardrobe Attendant
Helen Gregor Wig Construction
Helen Gregor Make-Up Supervisor
Chris Ibbetson Head of Wigs
Chloe Pootosh Wig Construction
Dave Pell Child Chaperone
George Moore Production Driver
Dave Sansom Production Driver
David Mirvish Producer
Chris Prideaux Production Manager


David Mirvish Producer
Tom Locke Head Carpenter
Chris Sinton Head of Flies
Ron Montgomery, Jr. Head Electrician
Sean Taylor Head of Properties
Pam Weston Head of Wardrobe
Chris Ibbetson Head of Wigs