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Geoffrey Pounsett

Artistic Director, Collaborator, Composer, Director, Performer


Red Machine: Under the Knife () Collaborator


Fierce Monsters () Composer


Western, a Play With Music () Director
The Brown Bull of Cuailnge () Director
Red Machine: Part Two () Director: "This Sentence is the Title" and "The Illusionist's Heart"
Red Machine: Part 1 () Director ("A Tribute to Joseph Smith")
The Swearing Jar () Director
A Quiet Place () Director


Oslo () Thor Bjornevog / US Diplomat
For a Good Time, Call Kathy Blanchard () Sky
Warriors () Gilles
War Horse () Soldat Klausen / Ensemble / Understudy for Thomas Bone, Allan, John Greig, Priest/Hauptmann Friedrich Müller, and Vetinary Officer Martin
Zadie's Shoes () Sean
If We Were Birds () King Tereus
If We Were Birds () King Tereus
Alias Godot () Linus
The Scene () Lewis
Chimera () Richard Doyle
Don't Wake Me () Voice


The Room Artistic Director