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Red Machine: Under the Knife ()

Produced by

The Room

Creator: Christopher Stanton


Harbourfront Centre – Studio Theatre


April 24th, 2010 – April 25th, 2010


A theatrical journey into the meat of the human mind, The Room presents four abstractions of a single event as interpreted by four distinct physical areas of the brain. Be prepared for a virtual dissection, revealing how movement, sight, sound and ecstasy can each have their own story to tell. (

Creative Team

Christopher Stanton Conceived by
James Cade Collaborator
Brendan Gall Collaborator
John Gilbert Collaborator
Lauren Gillis Collaborator
Chris Hanratty Collaborator
Kristy Kennedy Collaborator
Shira Leuchter Collaborator
Dan McIlmoyl Collaborator
Leora Morris Collaborator
Thomas Ryder Payne Collaborator
Geoffrey Pounsett Collaborator
PJ Prudat Collaborator
Rick Roberts Collaborator
Erin Shields Collaborator
Jesse Todd Collaborator
Anna Treusch Collaborator
David Yee Collaborator
Jenny Young Collaborator
Thomas Ryder Payne Sound Designer
Dan McIlmoyl Lighting Designer


Chris Hanratty Camera
Lauren Gillis Neuroscience Consultant
Stirling Bogie Assistant Production Coordinator
Sandra Crljenica Assistant Production Coordinator
Scott Seetoo Assistant Production Coordinator
Samantha Rolfe Technician
John Sutton Technician