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Leora Morris

Collaborator, Director, Dramaturge, Movement Coach, Performer, Resident Artist

Assistant Director

Proud () Assistant Director
The Golden Dragon () Assistant Director
Elora Gorge () Assistant Director
Red Machine: Part Two () Assistant Director
Red Machine: Part 1 () Assistant Director

Assistant Dramaturge

Tombs of the Vanishing Indian () Assistant Dramaturge

Associate Director

Antigone Dead People () Associate Director


Red Machine: Under the Knife () Collaborator


The Philosopher's Wife () Director
Orphans () Director
He Left Quietly () Director


Stencilboy and Other Portraits () Dramaturge

Movement Coach

Jesus Chrysler () Movement Coach


Hannah's Turn () Eva Hitschmanova
War of the Clowns () Schpitl / Little Ludvig


The Room Resident Artist