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Tombs of the Vanishing Indian ()

Produced by

Native Earth Performing Arts and Red Diva Projects

Playwright: Marie Clements
Director: Yvette Nolan


The Alexander Street Chamber Theatre


March 9, 2011


March 10th, 2011 – March 27th, 2011


Keith Barker Company, Dr. Hansen
Nicole Joy-Fraser Company, Jessie
Falen Johnson Company, Mirana
Martin Julien Company, Detective Fullen
PJ Prudat Company, Janey
Michelle St. John Company, Mother, Lone Woman, Ruth, Sarah
David Storch Company, Bob Stills

Creative Team

Marie Clements Playwright
Yvette Nolan Director
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jennifer Kreisberg Sound Designer
Jennifer Kreisberg Composer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Melanie McNeill Costume Designer
Brian Quirt Dramaturge
Leora Morris Assistant Dramaturge


David Hoekstra Head of Properties
Orenda Cahill Head of Wardrobe
Richard Lee Sound Consultant
Sarah O’Brien Stage Manager
Doug Morum Production Manager
Virginia Carmelo Gabrielino / Tongva Translator and Consultant
Kennedy C. MacKinnon English Language Voice Coach
Clare Preuss Movement Coach
Cole Alvis Assistant Production Manager
Garth Droog Assistant Stage Manager
Jennifer Lee Apprentice Stage Manager
Stephanie Milic Scenic Artist
Brendan Gilhuly Scenic Carpenter


Katherine Smith House Technician