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Yvette Nolan

Director, Dramaturge, Performer, Playwright


Death of a Chief () Adapter


Give It Up () Director
The Smell of Horses () Director
The First Stone () Director
Café Daughter () Director
Salt Baby () Director
Tombs of the Vanishing Indian () Director
Salt Baby () Director
A Very Polite Genocide or the Girl Who Fell to Earth () Director
Death of a Chief () Director
The Only Good Indian... () Director
Annie Mae's Movement () Director


bug () Dramaturgy
The Election () Dramaturge
Bug () Dramaturge
Ipperwash () Dramaturge
Two Indians () Dramaturge
Ultrasound () Dramaturge
Letters to my Grandma () Dramaturgy
The Place Between () Dramaturge
Singkil () Dramaturge


Free as Injuns () Audio Mom


The Unplugging () Playwright
Job's Wife () Playwright
Annie Mae's Movement () Playwright