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Ipperwash ()

Produced by

Native Earth Performing Arts

Playwright: Falen Johnson
Director: Falen Johnson


Aki Studio


February 6th, 2018 – February 18th, 2018


In 1942, when the Department of Defence forcibly evicted the community of Stony Point to the neighbouring reserve of Kettle Point to establish military training base, Camp Ipperwash, the department promised to return the land after the war had concluded. This promise went unfulfilled for over 70 years.

Bea King, an Anishinaabe veteran of the war in Afghanistan, returns to Canada in search of a new life. When she volunteers for duty with the Department of National Defence at the Kettle and Stony Point Reserve, she believes she’s found a peace mission she can ‘give back’ through.

Upon arriving at Stony Point, Bea begins to learn about the devastating history of Camp Ipperwash, the former Canadian military base built on appropriated land; land that is still dangerously contaminated to this day.

Through the forging of new friendships in the community, Bea comes to learn about the forcible evictions that underpinned the forming of the camp, and the impacts of displacement still reverberating through the community.

With the helpful guidance of a mysterious child, and an aging local veteran, Bea discovers how hard it can be to ever truly return home. (


Samantha Brown Kwe
PJ Prudat Beatrice King
Jonathan Fisher Tim Cloud
James Dallas Smith Slip Cloud

Creative Team

Falen Johnson Playwright
Falen Johnson Director
Yvette Nolan Dramaturge
Gil Garratt Core Collaborator
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Deanna H. Choi Sound Designer
Deanna H. Choi Composer
Jeff Chief Costume Designer


Michael Panich Stage Manager
Courtney Pyke Production Manager
Candace Scott-Moore Community Consultant
Erin Gerofsky Production Buyer
Kaytee Dalton Production Photographer
Julie Flett Visual Artist


B.C. Batty Venue Technician