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Courtney Pyke

Crew, Director of Production, Lighting Designer, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Driver, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Technical Director


PIG () Crew
Zadie's Shoes () Crew

Director of Production

Trojan Girls & The Outhouse of Atreus () Director of Production
Secret Life of a Mother () Director of Production
Ghost Quartet () Director of Production

Festival Lighting Designer

Madam Mao () Festival Lighting Designer

Lighting Designer

A Glass Hive, AKA The Comedy of Errors () Lighting Designer
Transfusions () Lighting Designer
Fantastic Extravagance () Lighting Designer
Fierce Monsters () Lighting Designer


The Flick () Producer

Production Assistant

Butcher () Production Assistant

Production Driver

Titus Andronicus () Production Driver
As You Like It () Production Driver

Production Manager

The Waltz () Production Manager
among men () Production Manager
The Flick () Production Manager
Why We Fight () Production Manager
The Wager () Production Manager
The Wolves () Production Manager
Ipperwash () Production Manager
Love and Information () Production Manager
A Glass Hive, AKA The Comedy of Errors () Production Manager
The Castle () Production Manager
The Baby () Production Manager

Stage Manager

Love and Information () Stage Manager
A Glass Hive, AKA The Comedy of Errors () Stage Manager
Old Age Ain't for Sissies () Stage Manager

Technical Director

The Waltz () Technical Director
among men () Technical Director


Roseneath Theatre Production Manager (2016-2018)