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Trojan Girls & The Outhouse of Atreus ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre and Neworld Theatre and Outside the March Theatre Company

Playwright: Gillian Clark
Director: Mitchell Cushman


Factory Theatre – Courtyard
Factory Mainspace Theatre


August 3rd, 2022 – August 28th, 2022


The fated collision of Greek mythology and GREASE mythology, unfolding in two locations at the same time. Welcome to New Troy, Canada, August 2009. The night of the annual Duck n’ Swing dance. Odysseus hatches a death-defying Prom-posal, Nestra and King Memnon rendezvous in the Outhouse for some old Summer Lovin’, and Cassandra feasts on raw hot dogs while sooth-sayin’ the world’s destruction.

An epic exploration of inheritance in the age of Climate Emergency, with two plays performed simultaneously by the same ensemble. Half the audience gathers outdoors around the campfire, and half cuts a rug in the dance hall, while the actors race back-and-forth—inhabiting both the teenagers of New Troy and their middle-aged parents. At intermission audiences switch spaces to experience the other side of the story, as the stakes of the 50/50 raffle continue to climb. (


Katherine Cullen Helen/Nestra
Liz Der Hecuba/Penthesilea & Artemis
Sébastien Heins Menelaus/King Memnon
Amy Keating Cassandra/Ned & Artemis
Elena Reyes Andromache/Elektra
Cheyenne Scott Penelope
Merlin Simard Thalthybius/Hermes
Jeff Yung Odysseus/Orestes
Christol Bryan Understudy for Helen/Nestra & Hecuba/Penthesilea
Rais Clarke-Mendes Understudy for Elektra/Andromache & Penelope
郝邦宇Steven Hao Bartender / Understudy for Menelaus/King Memnon & Odysseus/Orestes
Hannah Wayne-Philips Understudy for Cassandra/Ned & Thal/Hermes

Creative Team

Gillian Clark Playwright
Mitchell Cushman Director
Anahita Dehbonehie Set Designer
Nick Blais Costume Designer
Jareth Li Lighting Designer
Heidi Chan Sound Designer
Michael Laird Audio System Designer
Ho Ka Kei (Jeff Ho) Dramaturge
Makram Ayache Associate Director
Frances Koncan Associate Director (Development)
Niloufar Ziaee Assistant Set Designer
Cindy Dzib Assistant Costume Designer
Louisa Zhu Fight Director
Anita Nittoly Intimacy Director


Meghan Speakman Stage Manager
Daniel Oulton Stage Manager
Alysse Szatkowski Assistant Stage Manager
Scotia Cox Apprentice Stage Manager
Courtney Pyke Director of Production
Giuseppe Condello Pre-Production Manager
Bryan Steele Technical Director
Kathleen Black Head of Wardrobe
Christine Berg Voice Coach
Catherine Tammaro Elemental Consultant
Jade Wilson Wardrobe Attendant
Kalina Popova Wardrobe Running Crew
Curtis Whittaker Head Carpenter
Mitchell Ayres Assistant Head Carpenter
Susanna Feng Head Painter
Lili Gardner-Elmer Production Assistant
Lili Gardner-Elmer Archivist
Makiah Bautis Technician
Jeff Bornstein Sound Technician
Mathew Lisk A2
Max Tilander Lighting Operator
Mark Aikman Producer
Katherine Devlin Rosenfeld Producer
Laura McCallum Associate Producer
Kinsey Powell Fleming Associate Producer
Cara Eastcott Accessibility Coordinator
Devon Healey Accessibility Consultant
Adam Cohoon Accessibility Consultant
Thurga Kanagasekarampillai Accessibility Consultant