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S├ębastien Heins

Carpenter, Core Artist, Creator, Director, Founding Member, Graphic Designer, Liaison, Performer, Photographer, Public Relations, Publicist


Shed () Set Building Crew


No Save Points () Co-Director


No Save Points () Creator
Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera () Creator

Graphic Designer

The Art of Building a Bunker or Paddling the Canoe of my Self down the River of Inclusivity and into the Ass of the World () Graphic Designer


Vitals () Audience and Venue Liason


No Save Points () Son
Boom X () Brandon
Trojan Girls & The Outhouse of Atreus () Menelaus/King Memnon
Wedding at Aulis () Achilles
Bang Bang () Jackie
That Syncing Feeling () Narrator ("Tethered Together")
Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play () Sam / Scratchy
Brotherhood: The Hip Hopera () Performer
iShow () Performer
Mr. Marmalade () Bradley
Mr. Marmalade () Bradley
Reflections on Giving Birth to a Squid () Performer


Stupidhead! (A Mucisal Cmoedy) () Photography
Vitals () Photography


iShow () Promotion

Social Media

Vitals () Social Media


Outside the March Theatre Company Core Artist
Outside the March Theatre Company Founding Member