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Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play ()

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre and Outside the March Theatre Company and Starvox Entertainment

Playwright: Anne Washburn
Music: Michael Friedman
Lyrics: Anne Washburn
Directors: Simon Bloom and Mitchell Cushman


Big Picture Cinema


May 9th-12th, 2015


May 9th, 2015 – June 7th, 2015

Awards & Nominations

2015 Theatre Critics Award – Best Production of a Play, Best Design (Lighting, Set, Costumes, Sound, Puppets)

2015 Dora Award Nominee (Independent Theatre Division) – Outstanding Costume Design (Lindsay Junkin)


Damien Atkins Gibson / Itchy
Rielle Braid Quincy / Bart
Ishai Buchbinder Mr. Burns
Katherine Cullen Maria / Marge
Colin A. Doyle Matt / Homer
S├ębastien Heins Sam / Scratchy
Amy Keating Coleen / Lisa
Tracy Michailidis Jenny / Edna
James Smith Foley Artist

Creative Team

Anne Washburn Playwright
Michael Friedman Score
Anne Washburn Lyrics
Simon Bloom Director
Mitchell Cushman Director
Britta Johnson Musical Director
Jennalee Desjardins Movement Director
Ken MacKenzie Set Designer
Lindsay Junkin Costume Designer
Nick Blais Lighting Designer
Samuel Sholdice Sound Designer
Marcus Jamin Puppet Design
Evan Harkai Mask Designer
Stephanie Michelle Leon Lobby Design
Simon Fon Fight Choreographer
Shakura Dickson Assistant Director
Sam Godfrey Assistant Director
Amaka Umeh Assistant Director


James Smith Musician


Kate Sandeson Stage Manager
Sam Hale Apprentice Stage Manager
Andrew Clemens Technical Director
Andrew Clemens Production Manager
Elenna Mosoff Producer
Rob Mayer Fur and Goo Specialist
Erin Fleck Puppet Builder
Rachel Jamin Puppet Builder
Palmer Jamin Shop Dog
Uche Ama Movement Assistant
Skyler Allicock-Hawtin Building Crew
Dan Baker Building Crew
Ben Carson Building Crew
Evan Harkai Building Crew
Ben Linley Building Crew
Cory MacMillan Building Crew
Kai Masaoka Building Crew
Christopher Ross Building Crew
Jesse Watts Building Crew
Chloe Cushman Poster Illustrations
Kinnon Elliott Graphic Designer
Rebecca Shoalts Publicity
Nicola Elbro Front of House Manager
Ross Robertson Social Media
Colin Simmons Production Assistant
Elizabeth Stuart-Morris Assistant Producer