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Kai Masaoka

Carpenter, Crew, Designer, Lighting Designer, Lighting Technician, Mentor, Production Manager, Sound Designer, Sound Technician, Technical Director, Technician, Venue Technician

Assistant Designer

Out At Sea () Assistant Designer
I () Assistant Production Designer

Assistant Sound Designer

Where the Blood Mixes () Assistant Sound Designer

Carpentry Crew

The Circle () Carpentry Crew
You Will Remember Me () Carpentry Crew
Wormwood () Carpentry Crew
The Trouble with Mr. Adams () Carpentry Crew
Much Ado About Nothing () Carpentry Crew
Infinity () Carpentry Crew
The Bakelite Masterpiece () Carpentry Crew
An Enemy of the People () Carpentry Crew
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Carpentry Crew
Was Spring () Carpentry Crew
The Small Room at the Top of the Stairs () Carpentry Crew
The Golden Dragon () Carpentry Crew
The Rez Sisters () Carpentry Crew
word!sound!powah! () Carpentry Crew
blood.claat () Carpentry Crew
benu () Carpentry Crew
More Fine Girls () Carpentry Crew
Hush () Carpentry Crew
Rocking The Cradle () Carpentry Crew


Reflector () Crew
Counting Sheep () Crew
Ultrasound () Crew
Caught () Crew
The Death of the King () Crew
Up the Garden Path () Crew
Chelsea Hotel () Crew
Elle () Crew
An Enemy of the People () Crew
Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () Crew
Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play () Building Crew
The Unplugging () Crew
Waiting Room () Sound / Projection Crew
The De Chardin Project () Crew
Moment () Production Crew
The Art of Building a Bunker () Technical Crew
An Enemy of the People () Crew
Bingo! () Crew
Same Same But Different () Crew
The Way Back to Thursday () Crew
Annie () Crew
Moss Park () Crew
Arigato, Tokyo () Crew
Iceland () Crew
Every Letter Counts () Load-in & Lighting Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Set & Lighting Crew
BOBLO () Crew
Divisadero: A Performance () Crew
Morro and Jasp Gone Wild () Crew
Vincent River () Crew

Design Assistant

Hero & Leander () Assistant to the Designers


The Little Years () Electrician

Festival Lighting Designer

Self-Exile () Festival Lighting Designer
Places to Wait () Festival Lighting Designer
Collapse () Festival Lighting Designer
Perk Up, Pianist! () Festival Lighting Designer
Plus One () Festival Lighting Designer
A Bitter Shrew () Festival Lighting Designer
“Ze”: queer as f*ck! () Festival Lighting Designer

Head Technician

Human Animals () Head Technician

House Technician

Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction () House Technician
Shrek: The Musical () House Technician

Lighting Crew

The Realistic Joneses () Lighting Crew
The Circle () Lighting Crew
You Will Remember Me () Lighting Crew
Mustard () Lighting Crew
Blind Date () Lighting Crew
Much Ado About Nothing () Lighting Crew
Cake and Dirt () Lighting Crew
Abyss () Lighting Crew
Waiting Room () Lighting Crew
Sextet () Lighting Crew
The Bakelite Masterpiece () Lighting Crew
A God in Need of Help () Lighting Crew
Flesh and other Fragments of Love () Lighting Crew
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Lighting Crew
Was Spring () Lighting Crew
A Brimful of Asha () Lighting Crew
Communion () Lighting Crew
Rocking The Cradle () Lighting Crew

Lighting Designer

On the Brink () Lighting Designer
Sweat () Lighting Designer
Two Gents () Lighting Designer
I () Lighting Designer


Almeida (The Glorious) () Sound Design Mentor

Production Manager

Two Gents () Production Manager

Sound Crew

You Will Remember Me () Sound Crew
No Great Mischief () Sound Crew

Sound Designer

On the Brink () Sound Designer
John & Waleed () Sound Designer
Quiet Revolution () Sound Designer
Aperture () Sound Designer
Thumped! () Sound Designer
John & Waleed () Sound Designer
Journey's End () Sound Designer
Mute () Sound Designer

Sound Mixer

John & Waleed () Sound Engineer

Sound Technician

The Shipment () Audio Engineer
Ajax & Little Iliad () Audio Engineer

Technical Director

Three Women of Swatow () Technical Director
Orphan Song () Technical Director
Light () Technical Director
Our Fathers, Sons, Lovers and Little Brothers () Technical Director
Two Gents () Technical Manager
Mute () Technical Director

Venue Technician

Self-Exile () Venue Technician
Perk Up, Pianist! () Venue Technician
Places to Wait () Venue Technician
Collapse () Venue Technician
Plus One () Venue Technician
A Bitter Shrew () Venue Technician
“Ze”: queer as f*ck! () Venue Technician
Grade 8 () Venue Technician
The McComedy Show () Venue Technician
Sloanliness () Venue Technician
How Often Do I Dream… () Venue Technician
Chicken Grease is Nasty Business () Venue Technician
El Jinete - A Mariachi Opera () Venue Technician
ROW () Venue Technician
And Now, The End () Venue Technician
Gash! () Venue Technician
Women Who Shout at the Stars () Venue Technician
Salome’s Clothes () Venue Technician
Camila’s Bones () Venue Technician
The Ballad of Weedy Peetstraw () Venue Technician
Entitlement () Venue Technician
Liza Live! () Venue Technician
Everything I Need () Venue Technician
Offensive to Some () Venue Technician
Trip () Venue Technician
The Very Very Girl () Venue Technician
The Homemaker () Venue Technician
The Prettiest Little Theatre North of San Francisco () Venue Technician
Give Up the Ghost () Venue Technician
The Final Trick of a Shoddy Magician () Venue Technician
I Hired a Contract Killer () Venue Technician