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Sweat ()

Produced by

The Bicycle Opera Project

Music: Juliet Palmer


Aki Studio


August 3rd, 2017 – August 6th, 2017


Sweat is an a cappella chamber opera for nine voices bringing the audience into the heart of a contemporary sweatshop, offering a window into the lives of the workers who clothe us. The performance contrasts the sonic world of the factory floor with the lyrical hopes and dreams of the women who labour there, offering thought-provoking social commentary on the (often-hidden) world of the workers who make our clothes. (


Stephanie Tritchew Union Organizer
Catherine Daniel Overseer
Larissa Koniuk Neighbour
Keith Lam Owner
Caitlin Wood Worker
Justine Owen Worker
Emma Char Worker
Alexandra Beley Worker
Cindy Won Worker

Creative Team

Juliet Palmer Music
Anna Chatterton Libretto
Banuta Rubess Stage Director
Geoffrey Sirett Music Director
Jennifer Nichols Choreographer
Sonja Rainey Designer
Kai Masaoka Lighting Designer


Julia Howman Stage Manager