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Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction ()

Produced by

Kabin and Up Your Nose and In Your Toes Productions

Creators: Amy Lee and Heather Marie Annis
Director: Byron Laviolette


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Guloien Theatre


June 14th, 2017 – June 29th, 2017


United in their awe, Morro and Jasp attempt to craft the rules of a new faith, but come up against each other’s ideas of what or who they are worshipping. This turns clown against clown and forces the sisters to ask – can anyone ever truly tell someone else what is worth believing in? (


Amy Lee Jasp
Heather Marie Annis Morro
Sefton Jackson Technician
Elliott Loran Usher
Anand Rajaram FedEx

Creative Team

Amy Lee Creator
Heather Marie Annis Creator
Byron Laviolette Director
Byron Laviolette Dramaturge
Robin Fisher Set Designer
Robin Fisher Costume Designer
David DeGrow Lighting Designer
Montgomery Martin Projection Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Deanna H. Choi Assistant Sound Designer


Sarah Miller Stage Manager
Ryan Wilson Production Manager
Bryan Eaton Technical Director
Seren Brooke Lannon Apprentice Stage Manager
Mary Ellen MacLean Movement Coach
Mary Anne Campbell Mover and Shaker Maker
John Turner Clown Coach
Mirabella Sundar Singh Production Assistant
Kai Masaoka House Technician
Katherine Rawlinson Artistic Producer
Brian Goldenberg Producer
Alan Kliffer Associate Producer
Derrick Chua Producing Consultant
Joshua Duchesne Graphic Designer
Alex Nirta Photographer
Caitlin Dwyer Marketing Consultant
Aubrey Stork Marketing Advisor
Zaarin Bushra Administrative Assistant