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Bryan Eaton

Carpenter, Crew, Performer, Production Manager, Technical Director, Technical Director - Studio, Technician, Venue Technician

Assistant Production Manager

The Crackwalker () Assistant Production Manager
A Line In The Sand () Assistant Production Manager
Salt-Water Moon () Assistant Production Manager
Banana Boys () Assistant Production Manager
Take Me Back to Jefferson () Assistant Production Manager
The Art of Building a Bunker () Assistant Production Manager
Bingo! () Assistant Production Manager
Beatrice & Virgil () Assistant Production Manager
6 Essential Questions () Assistant Production Manager
The Gravitational Pull of Bernice Trimble () Assistant Production Manager
Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata () Assistant Production Manager


Beatrice & Virgil () Carpenter
American Buffalo () Carpenter
The Government Inspector () Carpenter
Our Town () Carpenter

Carpentry Crew

Alias Godot () Carpentry Crew


The Madonna Painter () Load-In and Light Crew
BASH'd! () Crew
True Love Lies () Crew
Missing () Crew

Head Technician

Actually () Head Technician
Dry Powder () Head Technician
Bar Mitzvah Boy () Head Technician
Bad Jews () Head Technician

House Technician

Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () House Technician
Penny Plain () House Technician


High Park Noir () Opening Voiceover

Set Carpenter

Morro & Jasp 9 - 5 () Set Carpenter

Technical Director

Morro & Jasp in Stupefaction () Technical Director
A Line In The Sand () Studio Technical Director
All Our Yesterdays () Technical Director - Studio Theatre
Blood Wild () Technical Director - Studio Theatre
A Man Walks into a Bar () Technical Director - Studio Theatre
Three Men in a Boat () Technical Director - Studio Theatre
Banana Boys () Studio Technical Director
It Comes in Waves () Technical Director
Beatrice & Virgil () Studio Technical Director
Of Mice and Morro and Jasp () Studio Technical Director
Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata () Technical Director: Studio
Memorial () Technical Director, Studio
Salt Baby () Technical Director, Studio
Post Eden () Technical Director, Studio Theatre
Bigger Than Jesus () Technical Director
Jake's Gift () Technical Director - Studio
Still Here () Technical Director - Studio
Are You Okay () Technical Director
Grimm Too () Technical Director - Studio Theatre

Venue Technician

The Emancipation of Ms. Lovely () Venue Technician
Moderato Cantabile () Venue Technician
Offending the Audience () Venue Technician
Aperture () Venue Technician
Tough Guy Mountain: A Play () Venue Technician
The Daisy Theatre () Venue Technician
Big Shot () Venue Technician
Pulse () Venue Technician
Unbridled & Unstable () Venue Technician
For a Good Time, Call Kathy Blanchard () Venue Technician
The Daisy Theatre () Venue Technician
Jack Your Body () Venue Technician
A Misfortune () Venue Technician
On the Other Side of the World () Venue Technician
Killer Business: The Musical () Venue Technician
Stencilboy and Other Portraits () Venue Technician
Release the Stars: The Ballad of Randy and Evi Quaid () Venue Technician
The Sacrifice Zone () Venue Technician
Holy Mothers (Die Präsidentinnen) () Venue Technician
This Wide Night () Venue Technician
iShow () Venue Technician
How to Disappear Completely () Venue Technician
A Side of Dreams () Venue Technician
Alzheimer That Ends Heimer () Venue Technician
Kill, Sister, Kill () Venue Technician
How to Become a Spinster () Venue Technician
Dabda () Venue Technician
A King's Heart () Venue Technician
Adventure! () Venue Technician
Charming Monsters () Venue Technician
The Servant of Two Masters () Venue Technician
Bea () Venue Technician
Chile Con Carne () Factory Studio Technical Director
With Love and a Major Organ () Venue Technician
This Is What Happens Next () Venue Technician
The Dinner () Venue Technician
Sia () Head Technician
The Washing Machine () Studio Technician
Modern Love () Studio Technician
Tomasso's Party () Studio Technician
LOVESEXMONEY () Studio Technician
His Greatness () Studio Theatre Technical Director
Brown Balls () Factory Theatre House Technician
Tom's A-Cold () Studio Technician
Eating With Lola () Studio Technician
The Apology () Studio Technician
Swan Song of Maria () Studio Technician
Spent () Venue Technician
Icarus Redux () Studio Technician
Redheaded Stepchild () Venue Technician
Aftershock () Venue Technician
Say Ginger Ale () Venue Technician
Almost, Again () Venue Technician
Trudeautopia () Venue Technician
Mamma's Boy () Venue Technician
Larger Than Life: The Musical () Venue Technician
Gas () Studio Technician
Quite Frankly () Studio Technician
The Making of St. Jerome () Studio Technician


Next Stage Theatre Festival Venue Technician
Factory Theatre Technical Director - Studio (2010-2016)
Factory Studio Theatre Technical Director - Studio (2010-2016)