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Kill, Sister, Kill ()

Produced by

Kid Switchblade Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Composer: Tamara Saringer
Book: Jamieson Child and Drac Child
Lyrics: Stefne Mercedes and Tamara Saringer and Drac Child and Jamieson Child
Director: Jamieson Child


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 5th, 2013 – July 14th, 2013


A psychotronic laugh-riot of song and revenge! A nun, doing God’s work on filthy streets of 80s New York, reunites with her beloved sister to celebrate her wedding. Their night of revelry is despoiled by two vulgar, depraved sleazoids. Left for dead and robbed of her sister and her voice, the Woman of God rebuilds herself as a Weapon of Hellbent Vengeance! (


Stefne Mercedes Lily
Nicola Atkinson Kitty
Luke Slade Dagger
Jamieson Child Ronnie
Jaclyn Nobrega Waitress

Creative Team

Tamara Saringer Original Score
Tamara Saringer Music Director
Jamieson Child Book
Drac Child Book
Stefne Mercedes Lyrics
Tamara Saringer Lyrics
Drac Child Lyrics
Jamieson Child Lyrics
Jamieson Child Director
Judith Ann Clancy Costume Designer
Drac Child Costume Designer
Brian Dudkiewicz Set Designer
Toni Maggio Fight Director


Tamara Saringer Conductor
Tamara Saringer Keyboard
Patrick O’Reilly Guitar
Stefan Hegerat Percussion


Matthew Hyslop Sound Engineer
Slava Toth Producer
Mike Jerome Graphic and Poster Design
Meghan Sardesai Stage Manager


Jamie Monteiro Festival Lighting Designer
Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Jamie Monteiro Venue Technician
Josh Hoodless Venue Technician