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Moderato Cantabile ()

Produced by

Guilty by Association

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Adapter: Cole Lewis
Director: Cole Lewis

Novel written by Marguerite Duras


Factory Studio Theatre


August 7th, 2015 – August 16th, 2015


Anne is bored. The chief highlight of her week is taking her son to piano lessons. One day, during one such lesson, the music is interrupted by a long, uncanny scream – A woman is shot dead by her husband at a nearby cafe frequented by men and whores. Shocked by the incident, and sensing this as a chance to break her humdrum, Anne does the unthinkable: Against all 1950s social convention, she begins to patronize the seedy café, taking her child along with her. (


Nicole St. Martin Anne
Tawiah Ben M’carthy Chauvin
Brenda Kamino Piano Teacher
Shira Leuchter Patronne
Alex Scodellaro Child

Creative Team

Marguerite Duras Author
Cole Lewis Adapter
Cole Lewis Director
Michael Bradley Assistant Director
Reid Thompson Scenic Designer
Peter de Frietas Costume Designer
C.J. Astronomo Lighting Designer
Sam Ferguson Sound Designer
Winston Matsushita Composer
Sarah Jane Burton Choreographer


Laura Lakatosh Stage Manager
Annemieke Wade Producer
Sarah Jane Burton Movement Coach
Jacqueline Costa Technical Director
Megumi Hari Scenic Artist


Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Debbie Courchene Venue Technician