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Gas ()

Produced by and The 343 Co-op

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Jason Maghanoy
Director: Jason Maghanoy


Factory Studio Theatre


January 8th, 2010 – January 17th, 2010


Gas is a snapshot of five soldiers whose mission in Iraq is all about gasoline: supplying it, selling it and protecting it with their lives. What happens when the gas is shit? Gas is a brutal, and very powerful look at the young men and women asked to wage a vicious war. (


Kevin Walker Josh
Andrew Church Andy
Sabryn Rock Cole
Marc Senior Performer
Prince Amponsah Trevor

Creative Team

Jason Maghanoy Playwright
Jason Maghanoy Director
Kat Chin Sound Designer
Alaina Perttula Lighting Designer
Geoff Scovell Fight Director


Kat Chin Stage Manager
Sarah Taylor Production Assistant


Bryan Eaton Studio Technician
Shanna Miller Venue Technician
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer