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Aftershock ()

Produced by

Theatre on the Verge

Presented by

The SummerWorks Performance Festival

Playwright: Evan Tsitsias
Director: Rod Ceballos


Factory Studio Theatre


August 7th, 2010 – August 14th, 2010


Is change actually possible? Anna’s just returned to the trailer park after appearing on one of those “extreme makeover” shows. Her transformation ignites a sea of change in her eccentric family, but not Anna herself, who finds she has to take some desperate measures to finally move, in any direction. (Summerworks 2010 Festival Program)


Amy Rutherford Anna
Patrick Garrow Gary
Allana Harkin Becky
Lynne Griffin Mom
Catherine Rainville Quinn
David Mackett Brad

Creative Team

Evan Tsitsias Playwright
Rod Ceballos Director
Lisa O’Connell Dramaturge
Kara Wooten Fight Director
Glenn Davidson Designer
Raha Javanfar Lighting Designer
Erin Alexa Freedman Costumes
Molly Grundy Costumes


Marko Pandza Musician
David Yenovkian Musician


Dayna Chernoff Stage Manager
Alexander Crowther Assistant Stage Manager
Mark Ahee Special Effects
Larissa Mair Casting Director
St├ęphane Monnet Poster Design
David Leyes Poster and Publicity Shots
Donna Marie Baratta Producer
Lisa Baylin Producer
Evan Tsitsias Producer


Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Shawn Henry Venue Technician
Raha Javanfar Festival Lighting Designer