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With Love and a Major Organ ()

Produced by

Questionmark-Exclamation Theatre

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Playwright: Julia Lederer
Director: Andrew Lamb


Factory Studio Theatre


January 2nd, 2013 – January 13th, 2013


Anabel gives her heart to a stranger and he disappears with it. Her limbs begin to fall asleep. George is on the run but keeps getting distracted by romantic comedies. He blames his mother. Mona resorts to seeking therapy from GoogleShrinkTM. She takes in a mysterious guest clad in purple plaid. (


Robin Archer George
Julia Lederer Anabel
Martha Ross Mona

Creative Team

Julia Lederer Playwright
Andrew Lamb Director
Melanie McNeill Designer
Robert Watson Sound Designer
Meghan Speakman Lighting Designer


Meghan Speakman Stage Manager
Ivy Johnson Producer
Sean Fitch Graphic Designer
Kris Noelle Poster Design
Bryan Eaton Venue Technician
Kevin Hutson Venue Technician


Christopher Ross Venue Technician
Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer