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Mamma’s Boy ()

Produced by

Ghost Light Projects

Playwright: Randie Parliament
Director: Wes Berger


Factory Studio Theatre


May 21st, 2010 – June 12th, 2010


MAMMA’S BOY  is a twisted family drama about the difficulties of childhood and the fight to become a parent’s favourite! Peter has always felt the need to be protector in the house and naturally becomes a mamma’s boy in the process, but who should be blamed for that? (


Sky Gilbert Dad
Briana Templeton Janie
Kris Skjellerup Mom
Randie Parliament Peter

Creative Team

Randie Parliament Playwright
Wes Berger Director
Sarah Murphy-Dyson A.D.
Sarah Murphy-Dyson Choreographer
Andrée-Ann Deschênes Musical Director
Tim Lindsay Sound Designer
Remington North Lighting Designer
Stephen Elgar Prop Designer/Coordinator
Stephen Elgar Set Designer/Coordinator


Carol Brailey Stage Manager
Jamal Dabraeo Assistant Stage Manager
Tim Lindsay Technical Director
T.J. Tasker Ticketing
T.J. Tasker Web Designer
Qasim Khan Graphic Designer


Bryan Eaton Venue Technician