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Brown Balls ()

Produced by

fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company

Playwright: Byron Abalos
Director: Nina Lee Aquino


Factory Studio Theatre


May 3rd, 2011 – May 15th, 2011


Three frustrated young men disguised as Bruce Lee, Charlie Chan and Fu Manchu confront cultural misconceptions to reclaim their brown balls. Issues of race, gender and sex collide in this penetrating performance as it explores some hilariously unapologetic, titillating questions. Like, why are Filipino men sexier than Korean men? and, what is shunga—and does it stain? (


Sean Baek Paul Jeong (Bruce)
Richard Lee John Paul Kung (fu)
David Yee Charles Crawford (Charlie)

Creative Team

Byron Abalos Playwright
Nina Lee Aquino Director
Romeo Candido Sound Designer
Romeo Candido Composer
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jackie Chau Costume Designer
Aaron Kelly Lighting Designer
Aaron Kelly Multimedia Designer
Shawn Henry Assistant Lighting Designer
Shawn Henry Assistant Multimedia Designer
Iris Turcott Dramaturge


Neha Ross Stage Manager
Ryan Wilson Production Manager
Renna Reddie Producer
Alison Ho Production Assistant
Diane Hargrave Publicist
Maciej Roszkowski Photographer


Bryan Eaton Factory Theatre House Technician