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Romeo Candido

Composer, Musical Director, Performer, Playwright, Sound Designer, Video Designer


The Unplugging () Composer
Every Letter Counts () Composer
Brown Balls () Composer
The Invisible Girl () Composer
The Making of St. Jerome () Composer
Lady in the Red Dress () Composer
Banana Boys () Composition
People Power () Composer
Singkil () Composer

Musical Director

Lady in the Red Dress () Musical Director
People Power () Musical Director


Future Folk () Performer


Future Folk () Playwright

Sound Designer

The Unplugging () Sound Designer
Every Letter Counts () Sound Designer
Brown Balls () Sound Designer
The Invisible Girl () Sound Designer
The Making of St. Jerome () Sound Designer
Lady in the Red Dress () Sound Designer
Banana Boys () Sound Designer
People Power () Sound Designer
Singkil () Sound Designer

Video Designer

The Invisible Girl () Video Designer