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Banana Boys ()

Produced by

fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company and The Richmond Hill Centre for Performing Arts

Presented by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: Leon Aureus
Director: Nina Lee Aquino

Adapted from the novel by Terry Woo


Hart House Theatre


November 12th, 2008 – November 15th, 2008


Banana Boys features 5 Canadian guys going through university, trying to find love, and establish themselves. But they’re also figuring out what it means to be Asian in contemporary urban Canada. Trapped by parental obligations and societal stereotypes, these CBCs (Canadian-born Chinese) are frustrated by being caught between cultures. This smart, incisive, and very funny play explores issues of identity and race through 5 distinctly different characters. (


Byron Abalos Luke
Karl Ang Dave
Christian Feliciano Mike
Darrel Gamotin Shel
Jeff Yung Rick
Gertie the Gurney Performer

Creative Team

Terry Woo Author
Leon Aureus Playwright
Nina Lee Aquino Director
Clare Preuss Movement Coach
Camellia Koo Set Designer
Camellia Koo Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Romeo Candido Composition
Romeo Candido Sound Designer
Daniele Guevara Multimedia Designer
Claire Levick Costume Design Assistant


Richard Lee Producer
Ryan Wilson Production Manager
Eric Chan Production Assistant
Dale Yim Production Coordinator
Natasha Bean-Smith Assistant Production Coordinator
Monika Dembowy Lighting Operator


Dan Kurek Technical Director
Doug Floyd Marketing
Andrea Wasserman Marketing
Doug Floyd Publicity
Andrea Wasserman Publicity
Sara Herron Graphic Designer
Christopher Wilson House Technician