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Nina Lee Aquino

Artistic Director, Consultant, Director, Dramaturge, Graphic Designer, Performer, Playwright, Set Designer

Awards & Nominations

2017 Dora Award Nominee (General Theatre Division) – Outstanding Direction (acquiesce)

2014 Dora Award Nominee ~ TYA РOutstanding Direction (Sultans of The Street)


Monday Nights () Artistic Consultant


The Waltz () Director
The Waltz () Director
among men () Director
Lady Sunrise () Director
rochdale () Director
Through the Bamboo () Director
School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls () Director
The Drawer Boy () Director
trace () Director
Banana Boys () Director
James and the Giant Peach () Director
acquiesce () Director
Banana Boys () Director
The Unplugging () Director
Sultans of the Street () Director
The Wanderers () Director
Sister Mary's a Dyke?! () Director
Carried Away on the Crest of a Wave () Director
Ching Chong Chinaman () Director
Sia () Director
Brown Balls () Director
Paper SERIES () Director
The Invisible Girl () Director
The Making of St. Jerome () Director
Lady in the Red Dress () Director
Banana Boys () Director
People Power () Director
Singkil () Director


Through the Bamboo () Dramaturge
We Walk Among You () Dramaturge
People Power () Dramaturge
Singkil () Associate Dramaturge

Graphic Designer

Shotgun Wedding () Poster, Postcard, and Programme Designer


The Death of Mrs. Gandhi and the Beginning of New Physics (a political fantasy) () Imelda Marcos
The Dinner Table () Storyteller - "Filipino Cowboy" (July 4)
Every Letter Counts () Bunny


Every Letter Counts () Playwright

Set Designer

Through the Bamboo () Set Designer


Factory Theatre Artistic Director (2012-??)