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The Waltz ()

Produced by

Factory Theatre and The Blyth Festival

Playwright: Marie Beath Badian
Director: Nina Lee Aquino


Factory Mainspace Theatre


October 22nd, 2022 – November 13th, 2022


It’s August 1993, 24 years after the events of Prairie Nurse.

Romeo Alvarez is travelling across the country from Ontario to British Columbia to attend University when he makes a pit-stop in Saskatchewan to connect with some of his mom’s old friends. His journey leads him to a remote cabin where his unexpected arrival is greeted by a suspicious Beatrice Klassen. It is here, on these doorsteps of a rustic cabin in North East Saskatchewan that two teenagers, whose histories are serendipitously interweaved, spend one evening with a boom box under the magnificent Saskatchewan sky at dusk.

A romantic comedy that is sure to capture the hearts of audiences, The Waltz explores whether we ever truly feel at home in the world. (


Ericka Leobrera Bea Klassen
Anthony Perpuse Romeo Alvarez

Creative Team

Marie Beath Badian Playwright
Nina Lee Aquino Director
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jackie Chau Costume Designer
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer
Lyon Smith Sound Designer
Matt McGeachy Dramaturge
Andrea Mapili Choreographer


Tamara Protic Stage Manager
Kayla Thomas Apprentice Stage Manager
Hanna Donato Surtitles Translator
Amelia Traverner Head of Wardrobe
Maeve Byrnes Head of Properties
Curtis Whittaker Head Carpenter
Susanna Feng Head Painter
Mitchell Ayres Carpenter
Allan Bismor Carpenter
Thadea Berezny Props Assistant
Jay Davis Production Driver
Paul Parker Shotgun Consultant
Ki Karl Tilander Stagehand
Kevin Feliciano Stagehand
El Patey Stagehand
Liza Konovalov Stagehand
Jasper Lancashire Stagehand
Mike Lemieux Stagehand
Brad Lemieux Stagehand
Chrisopher Martin Stagehand
Zolt Cseh Stagehand
Sunil Sasheendran Pillai Stagehand
Gabriel Doctor Stagehand


Makiah Bautis House Technician
Courtney Pyke Technical Director
Courtney Pyke Production Manager