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James and the Giant Peach ()

Produced by

Young People’s Theatre

Director: Nina Lee Aquino
Book: Timothy Allen McDonald
Lyrics: Benji Pasek
Music: Benji Pasek and Justin Paul and Justin Paul

Based on the book James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl.


The Susan Rubes Theatre


February 6th, 2017 – March 8th, 2017


Lonely young orphan, James Trotter has been taken in by the only relatives he has – his outrageously overbearing aunts – but they treat him more like low-paid help than family. When he’s ordered to chop down their scraggly old fruit tree, he discovers a magic potion that accidentally grows the world’s largest peach containing the biggest insects ever seen – and so begins an adventure of enormous proportions! James finds himself cast in the role of peacemaker among the group of human-sized insects with their over-sized grievances. With this collection of entomological misfits, James discovers that loving families are built in many forms. Join him and his delightfully disparate chosen family for their perilous, peachy escape towards happiness.  (Show Press Release)


Bruce Dow Centipede / Buzz / Mysterious Man
Amir Haidar Earth Worm / Bobby Cop / Bitsy Botana
Shruti Kothari Spider / Matron Nurse / Reporter 1
Amy Lee Sponge
Robert Markus Grasshopper / Garden Guild
Matt Nethersole James
Amaka Umeh Spiker
Jennifer Villaverde Ladybug / Reporter 2

Creative Team

Nina Lee Aquino Director
Timothy Allen McDonald Book
Benji Pasek Words
Benji Pasek Music
Justin Paul Words
Justin Paul Music
Jason Jestadt Musical Director
Nicola Pantin Choreographer
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Joanna Yu Costume Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Derek Bruce Sound Designer
Roald Dahl Author


Nick Coulter Percussion
Mike Pellarin Bass


Andrea Schurman Stage Manager
Emily Mewett Assistant Stage Manager


Rick Banville Director of Production
Shanna Miller Technical Director
Ellie Arscott Scenic Artist
Phil Atfield Head Cutter
Jay Blencowe Stage Carpenter
Clint Bouwman Scenic Carpenter
Marlee Bygate Cutter
Gulay Cokgezen Costume Technician
Erin Daniliunas Scenic Carpenter
Laura Delchiaro Costume Technician
Ilana Harendorf Head of Wardrobe
Nida Haroon Production & Operations Intern
Ellie Furtney Costume Technician
Matt Jordan Studio Technician
Geoff Hughes Cutter
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Lindy Kinoshameg Production Management Intern
Matt Leckie Props Builder
Josh McGill Head Electrician
Aiden Nagle Head Audio
Barbara Nowakowski Costume Technician
Ryan Oliver Interim Head Scenic Carpeter
Janet Pym Dresser
Sharon Ryman Wigs
Mason Soares Student Placement - Production
Chloe Tekavcic Costume Technician
Jaclyn Zaltz Interim Head of Props