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Jennifer Villaverde

Chaperone, Mentor, Performer


Blackbird () Chaperone


Transfusions () Mentor for Natalie Jules and Anna Laribi


Wedding at Aulis () Chorus
Music Music Life Death Music () DD
Animal Farm () Old Major / Poophead
James and the Giant Peach () Ladybug / Reporter 2
Alligator Pie () Performer
Hana's Suitcase () Fumiko
The Dog & the Angel () Rozel
Seussical () Jojo
The Godot Cycle () Pozzo
The Post Office () Suda / Boy
A Year With Frog and Toad () Lady Bird / Mole
This is About the Push () Performer
As You Like It () Celia
Three Sisters () Maid
The Time of Your Life () Mary
The Threepenny Opera () Vixen / Lucy Brown