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Matt Jordan

Carpenter, Crew, Lighting Board Operator, Studio Technician, Technician, Venue Technician

Assistant Carpenter

A Year With Frog and Toad () Assistant Carpenter
The Invisible Girl () Assistant Carpenter
The Princess & the Handmaiden () Assistant Carpenter
Pobby and Dingan () Assistant Carpenter


Sultans of the Street () Carpenter
Annie () Scenic Carpenter
The Overwhelming () Carpenter
You're a Good Man Charlie Brown () Scenic Carpenter
Offensive Shadows () Carpenter
I Think I Can () Scenic Carpenter
The Caretaker () Carpenter
King Lear () Carpenter


Minotaur () Crew
Annie () Crew
A Year With Frog and Toad () Crew
The Invisible Girl () Crew
The Princess & the Handmaiden () Crew
The Forbidden Phoenix () Backstage Crew

Lighting Board Operator

A Story Before Time () Lighting Operator
Known to Police () Lighting Operator


Seussical () Studio Technician

Venue Technician

James and the Giant Peach () Studio Technician
Jabber () Studio Technician
Cinderella () Studio Technician
White Rabbit, Red Rabbit () Venue Technician
Souvenir's of Home () Venue Technician
The Emotionalists () Venue Technician
Avatar () Venue Technician
Countries Shaped Like Stars () Venue Technician
Even Darkness is Made of Light () Venue Technician
In This World () Studio Technician
Fear & Misery of the Third Reich () Venue Technician
Red Machine: Part Two () Venue Technician
7 Days 7 Days () Venue Technician
The Ecstasy of Mother Teresa or: Agnes Bojaxhiu Superstar () Venue Technician
Toronto Noir () Venue Technician


Young People’s Theatre Studio Technician
The Nathan Cohen Theatre Venue Technician