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A Story Before Time ()

Produced by

Kaha:wi Dance Theatre and The Banff Centre for the Arts

Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Playwright: Drew Hayden Taylor
Creator: Santee Smith
Choreographer: Santee Smith


The Susan Rubes Theatre


October 16th, 2013 – October 24th, 2013


The Onkwehonwe Creation Story comes to life in A Story Before Time. The journey begins as a wondrous Sky Woman is revealed
and Sky Beings dance like stars in the cosmos. It is when Sky Woman falls through the roots of the Celestial Tree to the Water
World below that life on Turtle Island takes shape. Sky Woman sings and dances her world into existence. Animal characters swim
across the stage and trees grow from silk as the powerful cultural story is explained through movement and storytelling.  (


Semiah Kaha:wi Smith Kateri (Storyteller)
Santee Smith eyotsi’tsyane:karen (Exploding Flower) / SkyWoman / Goose
Michael Demski Great Chief / Goose / West Wind / Deer
Emily Law Sky Being / Katsi’tsyani:yonte (Hanging Flower) / Daughter / Raccoon
Zhenya Cerneacov Sky Being / Goose / Otter / Taharonhawa:kon (Holder of the Heavens)
Louis Laberge-Côté Sky Being / Goose / Otter / Tawiskara (The Bent One)
Sarain Carson-Fox Sky Being / Muskrat / Chipmunk / Otter

Creative Team

Drew Hayden Taylor Playwright
Santee Smith Creator
Santee Smith Choreographer
Donald Quan Composer
Harry Frehner Set Designer
Harry Frehner Costume Designer
Harry Frehner Original Lighting Designer
Alaina Perttula Lighting Designer
ElizaBeth Hill Songwriter
David R. Maracle Songwriter
Santee Smith Songwriter
Amos Key Jr. Songwriter


Rick Shadrach Lazar Musician
David R. Maracle Musician
Bob Doidge Musician
ElizaBeth Hill Singer
David R. Maracle Singer
Santee Smith Singer
Amos Key Jr. Singer
Faron Johns Singer
Semiah Kaha:wi Smith Singer


Alaina Perttula Stage Manager
Frank Miller Language Translator
Amos Key Jr. Language Translator
Don Lee Photographer


Alexis Buset Technical Director
Mark Haasnoot Wardrobe Intern
Matt Jordan Lighting Operator
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Scott Kitcher Operations Assistant
Barb Martin Head of Wardrobe
Lokki Ma Head of Properties
Elaine Cavin May Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Elaine Cavin May Wardrobe Mistress
Josh McGill Head Electrician
Aiden Nagle Head of Audio
David Ship Director of Production
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter