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Aiden Nagle

Crew, Head of Audio, Production Manager, Sound Technician, Technician, Venue Technician


Neon Nightz () Crew
Agokwe () Crew
Art Fag () Crew

Head Audio

James and the Giant Peach () Head Audio
Seussical () Head Audio
The Wizard of Oz () Head of Audio
Goodnight Moon () Head of Audio
Emily's Piano () Head Audio
To Kill a Mockingbird () Head Audio
Sultans of the Street () Head Audio
Minotaur () Head of Audio
Annie () Head of Audio
A Story Before Time () Head of Audio
Cinderella () Head of Audio
Known to Police () Head of Audio
Beyond the Cuckoo's Nest () Head of Audio
The Neverending Story () Head of Audio
Seussical () Head Audio
The Big League () Head of Audio
A Year With Frog and Toad () Head of Audio

Head of Sound

One Thing Leads To Another () Head of Sound

House Technician

Dedicated to the Revolutions () Chamber Technician
[boxhead] () Chamber Technician
House () Chamber Technician
Monster () Chamber Technician

Production Manager

Gas Girls () Production Manager
Salt Baby () Production Manager
The Place Between () Production Manager

Sound Operator

The Eco Show () Sound Operator
House () Sound Operator


I Have AIDS! () Technician
/Dance/Songs/ () Technician
Another City Another Life () Technician
Leni Riefenstahl vs the 20th Century () Technician
Hamlet () Technician
The Eco Show () Technician
Happy: A Very Gay Little Musical () Chamber Technician
Who's Your Dada? () Technician
Insomnia () Chamber Technician
A Beautiful View () Technician
A Beautiful View () Technician

Venue Technician

The Salon Automaton () Chamber Technician
Agokwe () Chamber Technician
Here Lies Henry () Chamber Technician


Young People’s Theatre Head of Audio