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The Neverending Story ()

Produced by

Roseneath Theatre

Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Adapter: David S. Craig
Director: David S. Craig

Based on the novel by Michael Ende


The Susan Rubes Theatre


February 27th, 2012 – March 17th, 2012


Bastian is a bullied boy who escapes his troubles by burying himself in books. His latest – impulsively stolen from an old bookshop – draws him into the most thrilling adventure of his life. Fantastica, the land of stories, is facing oblivion from an enemy known only as The Nothing. The Childlike Empress has chosen an unlikely hero, a boy of Bastian’s age named Atreyu, to shoulder the daunting task of saving their world. As the adventure unfolds, Bastian discovers that he needs to find the key to change both their worlds.  (


Dalal Badr Bully 2 / Pedestrian 3 / Buffalo 2 / The Refugee / Ygramul / Uyulala / Wind Baureo / Maya / Nothing
Kate Besworth Bully 1 / Pedestrian 1 / Buffalo 3 / Sassafranian Adult / Child / Wind Maestral / Spook / Nothing / Childlike Empress
Walter Borden Bookseller / Cairon / Sassafranian Child / Engywook / Goose / Spook / Nothing
Natasha Greenblatt Bastian
Richard Lee Bully 3 / Pedestrian 2 / Buffalo 1 / Troll / Falkor / Spook / Nothing
Billy Merasty Caretaker / Artax / Child / Wind Lirr / Spook / Nothing
Charlotte Moore Teacher / Elder / Sassafranian Child / Morla / Child / Urgl / Wind Sheerek / Spook / Nothing
Adamo Ruggiero Atreyu
Derek Scott Father / Gmork / Eribo / Goose

Creative Team

Michael Ende Author
David S. Craig Adapter
David S. Craig Director
Glenn Davidson Set Designer
Lori Hickling Costume Designer
Rick Sacks Sound Designer
Rick Sacks Composer


James Plouffe Technical Director
Heather Landon Production Manager
Bill Jamieson Stage Manager
Sadie Wannamaker Assistant Stage Manager
Maureen Callaghan Assistant Stage Manager
Leana Mukhina Head of Wardrobe
Alex Mancini Wardrobe Assistant
George Quan Wardrobe Assistant
Susan Dicks Wardrobe Assistant
Shakira Kissoon Wardrobe Assistant
Gwendolyn Neelin Wardrobe Assistant
Adam Everdeen Wardrobe Assistant
Heather Landon Wardrobe Assistant
Heather Landon Costume Buyer
Niki Poirier Head of Properties
Katrina Sorg Props Assistant
Kathleen Ballos Props Assistant
James Ewing Props Assistant
Heather Calvert Hair, Wigs, Hats, Makeup
Katelyn Low Hair, Wigs, Hats, Makeup
Sarah Plater Findlay Hair, Wigs, Hats, Makeup
Richard Lee Fight Captain and Coordinator


Alexis Buset Technical Director
Jeff Cummings Production Manager
Mary Fulford-Winsor Head of Wardrobe
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Scott Kitcher Operations Associate
Jane Kline Head of Properties
Jacquie Lazar Head Electrician
Elaine Cavin May Assistant Head of Wardrobe
Aiden Nagle Head of Audio
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter