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Known to Police ()

Produced by


Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Director: Mark Cassidy

Created by NomanzLand


The Susan Rubes Theatre


June 15th, 2012 – June 17th, 2012


Residents from Toronto’s most notorious intersection find themselves backed into a dystopian corner by ‘the
man’. Armed with art, a conscience and the echoes of Arab Spring, they must decide whether to run, hide,
stand their ground or come out fighting. KNOWN TO POLICE is a celebration of the vibrancy, resilience and
swag of a community that finds itself on the wrong side of society’s “you are either with us or against us”
speech. (



Maryama Ahmed Dalmar
Yasmin Ali Iman
Shinnika Carpenter Ebyan
Ramone Davis Dante
Patti Fish Fran
Kobe J Dr. Love / Dt. Santorum / DJ / Voiceover
Mackenzie Kinmond Police Officer / Moderator
Funmilola Lawson Niya
Abdinasir Mohamed Mike Jackson
Anike Nicholson Webster Slim-Ting
Steven Rafael Gomez Salguero Calvin
Khadiija Sayaadi Alesha
Sashoya Simpson Patrice
The Real Sun Dee
Maazia Taitt Miracle
Joel Taylor Chris
Greg Thomas Tommy
Drae Walsh Fada

Creative Team

Mark Cassidy Director
Jung-Hye Kim Production Designer
Lua Shayenne Choreographer


Kate Sandeson Stage Manager
Walter MacLean Drum Instructor
Siobhan Richardson Fight Conslutant
Trevor Haldane Crew
Marc Rochefort Crew


Alexis Buset Technical Director
Jeff Cummings Production Manager
Mary Fulford-Winsor Head of Wardrobe
William Fallon Sound Operator
Matt Jordan Lighting Operator
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Jane Kline Head of Properties
Jacquie Lazar Head Electrician
Aiden Nagle Head of Audio
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter