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Goodnight Moon ()

Produced by

Seattle Children’s Theatre

Presented by

Young People’s Theatre

Authors: Margaret Wise Brown and Clement Hurd
Book: Chad Henry
Music: Chad Henry
Lyrics: Chad Henry
Director: Linda Hartzell


The Susan Rubes Theatre


February 29th, 2016 – March 19th, 2016


One of the best ways for children to feel cherished and loved is to cozy up with a classic  story ! The Great Green Room  appears  before your eyes in this delightful family musical that stays true to the beloved book. Children and families can  enjoy the surprise and joy  of Bunny’s imaginative detours on the way to dreamland.  In this intimate production, everyone  will revel with Bunny in the fun of jumping cows, dancing bears , the Cat and the Fiddle ,  and a room  where every corner   springs to  animated  life! Goodnight Moon is a truly timeless theatre experience  for everyone to  enjoy. (Show Press Release)


Jeff Bell Pianist
Molli Corcoran Mouse / Cat / Bear
Auston James Dog / Tooth Fairy / Bear
Mike Spee Bunny
Vickielee Wohlbach Old Lady / Dish / Bear

Creative Team

Margaret Wise Brown Author
Clement Hurd Author
Chad Henry Book
Chad Henry Music
Chad Henry Lyrics
Linda Hartzell Director
Marianne Roberts Choreographer
Jeff Bell Music Director
Jennifer Lupton Scenic Designer
Catherine Hunt Costume Designer
Rick Paulsen Lighting Designer
Chris Walker Sound Designer
Douglas N. Paasch Original Puppet Design
Annett Mateo Puppet Design


Shellie Stone Stage Manager
Annett Mateo Puppet Coach
Joyce Degenfelder Wig Master
Laurel Nichols Production Assistant
Laurel Nichols Tour Company Manager
Michael Wellborn Production Manager
Michael K. Hase Technical Director
Auston James Dance Captain


Rick Banville Director of Production
Alexis Buset Technical Director
Ilana Harendorf Head of Wardrobe
Mattea Kennedy Head Scenic Artist
Scott Kitcher Stage Carpenter
Scott Kitcher Operations Assistant
Lokki Ma Head Electrician
Aiden Nagle Head of Audio
Ryan Wilson Head Scenic Carpenter